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Albert Einstein famously said that the only place you have to know is the location of a library. Books have always been the main source of knowledge and will always remain the same as they provide the crux of the author’s life-long knowledge. Books have an important role in the education system. The curriculum is designed and updated to meet the current needs of society and to keep up with the fast pace world. This page provides all books of civil engineering taught at BS level along with reference to the free civil engineering books.

Engineering is an important profession and an engineer has to stay abreast with the current technology while keeping in mind the basis of their field. The course outline is designed that start with the fundamentals and proceeds with an in-depth knowledge of the profession and its various implementations. Following are listed some of the major books for BS Civil Engineering.

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Civil Engineering Books

Other than the subject-wise lists of BS Civil engineering books, the following are all free civil engineering books that are being taught by many universities.

Sr. No. Books Names PDF
1 Principles of Foundation Engineering Download
2 Handbook of calculations in civil engineering Download
3 Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering Download
4 Handbook for Civil Engineers Download
5 Building design and construction handbook Download
6 Basic Mechanical Engineering Elements Download
7 Basic Electrical Engineering Download
8 Geology for Engineers Download
9 Engineering Geology Download
10 Construction Methods and Management Download
11 Engineering Economy Download
12 Elementary Surveying-An introduction to Geometrics. Download
13 Calculus Download
14 Basic Mechanical Engineering Download
15 Basic Electrical Engineering Download

Civil Engineering Materials

This course has its importance since civil engineers are constantly dealing with materials, generally, construction materials. Knowing about different materials and their properties is necessary for civil engineers to use the right type of material for the right application.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Civil Engineering Materials
1 Duggal, S. K, (2010),Building Materials, New Age International.
2 Edward Allen, Joseph Iano, (2013), Fundamental of Building Construction Materials and Methods, 6 th Edition, John Wiley & Sons. NY.

Fundamentals Of Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Thus the course is taught to the civil engineering students as ni construction without the application of electrical and mechanical engineering.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Fundamentals Of Electro-Mechanical Engineering
1 Basic Mechanical Engineering Elements by Griffith J. Paul (Latest Edition)
2 Basic Electrical Engineering by Del Toro, 2nd Edition, 2001, Prentice Hall.
3 Theraja, B.L. Electrical Technology, S. Chand. 2008

Fundamentals Of Calculus

This course is important to build a foundation in Calculus and mathematics which is without a doubt an important subject for any engineer.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Fundamental Of Calculus
1 Schaum’s series, Calculus, Schaum’s Series(Latest Edition)
2 Talpur, Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Ferozsons (Latest Edition)

Civil Engineering Surveying

One of the major tasks of a civil engineer is to overlook the work being that which is generally called a site survey. BS Civil engineering course includes a major portion of survey to provide the students with the practical knowledge of their field.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Civil Engineering Surveying
1 Wolf P. R. & Ghilani C. D., (2012), Elementary Surveying-An introduction to Geometrics, 13th Edition, Prentice Hall, USA.
2 James M. Anderson and Edward M. Mikhail, (1984), Introduction to Surveying, International Student Edition, McGraw-Hill Book Company.

Fundamentals Of Geological Engineering

This course is taught to the civil engineers to equip them with the knowledge of various minerals and rock and other properties of matter on the surface of Earth which the construction workers have to constantly deal with.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Fundamentals Of Geological Engineering
1 Blyth, F.G.H. A Geology for Engineers, Butterworth-Heinemann, 7th Edition, 1984
2 Bell, Engineering Geology, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2nd Edition, 2006

Engineering Economics

Civil engineers don’t blindly start working over the construction of a building but they also have to keep in view the economic aspects of their projects. Thus, this course is of significance to the civil engineering students

Sr. No. List Of Books For Engineering Economics
1 Engineering Economy. Macmillan Publishing Company, New York .DeGarmo, E. Paul; Sullivan, G. William and Bontadelli, A. James, 6th Edition (1979)
2 Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis. John Wiley &Sons.White, A. John; Agee H. Marvin and Case, E. Kenneth, 2nd Edition (1984)

Construction Engineering

One of the major parts of a civil engineer’s job is construction work. The engineer has to plan the construction project by keeping in view the various engineering aspects of the job.

Sr. No. List Of Books For Construction Engineering
1 Stephens W. Nunnally, Construction Methods and Management, 8th Edition, 2013
2 Thompson J. F., Building Construction, Butterworld London.

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