BS Civil Engineering Fee Structure

You will receive all information concerning BS Civil Engineering fee structure, tuition fees, late payment fees, semester fee, semester freeze fee, transfer fee, subsidized fee, registration fee, self-finance fee, special quota details, important links, FAQ’s, among others on this page.

In today’s age, time is money, and therefore the importance of acquiring accurate information regarding University fee structure is most important for students who wish to plan and schedule their yearly university expenses according to their budget and financial ability.

The fee structure should be clear, precise, easy to understand for all students so that university students understand their annual and per semester fees, sports club fees, hostel fees, among others, and expenses that they would be needed to bear every day. The University fee structure must also provide various solutions, subsidized fees, self-finance fee information along regular university fee payment information.

BS Civil Engineering Fee Structure For Several Universities

Fee Structure 2022 For BS Civil Engineering Of National University Of Science & Technology(NUST)

Students of NUST can obtain vital information concerning their university fee structure including tuition fee, admission fee, miscellaneous charges, security deposit, international student fees to make the right choices regarding their fee payment plan. Fee structure of NUST provides students with various fee payment facilities for its regular students.

Details Fee(Rs.)
Admission Processing Fee (Non Refundable) 35,000/-
Security Deposit (Refundable) 10,000/-
Tuition Fee (per semester) 108,000/-
Miscellaneous Charges (per semester) 2700/-

International Students (In USD):

Details Fee($)
Admission Processing Fee (Non Refundable) USD 600
Tuition Fee (per annum) USD 5100
Security Deposit (Refundable) USD 250
Health facilities (per annum) USD 120
Programs Admission Fee Total Semester Fee
BS(Civil Engineering) 22,000/- 111,500/-

BS Civil Engineering Fee Structure 2022 the National University Of Computer And Emerging Sciences (NUCES FAST)

These are tough times and university students need to make smarter choices regarding their university fee payment plan. FAST fee structure provides transparency concerning student fee structure as much as possible and provides all concerned details, fee payment options, semester freeze fee details, student transfer fee details for its dedicated students.

Details Admission Fee Security Deposit Tuition Fee Student Activities Fund Late Payment Fine Semester Fee (Per Credit Hour)
Fee(Rs.) 20,000/- 20,000/- 8,500/- 2000/- 1/1000/- 30,000/-

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous Fee(Rs.)
Additional Transcript Fee 200/-
Campus Transfer Fee 5,000/-
Degree Correction Fee 2,000/-
Semester Freeze Fee 10,000/-

Note: These fees are non-refundable.

The Superior University Fee Structure 2022 For BS Civil Engineering

The university offers some of the best innovative Superior University fee structure for its dedicated students. Offering students some of the best fee payment plans, fee payment installment options, and student financial facilities available, among others. Superior students can rest assured as the University has their back when it comes to providing all fee structure information and payment solutions, fee scholarship for bright and dedicated students.

Programs Admission Fee Misc. (Per Semester) Credit Hour Rate Tuition Fee (1st Semester) Total Fee
BSc Civil Engineering 20,000/- 7,500/- 10,700/- 181,900/- 1,524,500/-

University Of Engineering & Technology (UET) Lahore 2022 Fee Structure For BS Civil Engineering

The students of UET must feel proud to be able to afford a quality degree through the UET fee structure. UET offers students various options regarding course fee payment plans, discounted course fees, partial discounted fee plans, fee installment plans, among others. Students can precisely plan their entire degree expenses and proceed accordingly due to extensive fee payment options and fee payment flexibility provided for the university dedicated students.

Undergraduate Fee Schedule For Session 2022

Details Subsidized (Rs) Partially Subsidized (Rs) Non-Subsidized (Rs)
First Semester (Fall) 59,150/- 158,950/- 278,950/-
Second Semester (Spring) 44,450/- 133,250/- 253,250/-
Third Semester (Fall) 47,150/- 142,250/- 271,250/-
Fourth Semester (Spring) 47,150/- 142,250/- 271,250/-
Fifth Semester (Fall) 50,053/- 151,925/- 290,600/-
Sixth Semester (Spring) 50,053/- 151,925/- 290,600/-
Seventh Semester (Fall) 53,173/- 162,326/- 311,401/-
Eighth Semester (Spring) 53,173/- 162,326/- 311,401/-
Total (8 semesters program) 404,350/- 1,205,201/- 2,278,703/-
Ninth Semster (Fall) 56,527/- 173,506/- 333,763/-
Tenth Semester (Spring) 56,527/- 173,506/- 333,763/-
Total (10 semesters program) 517,404/- 1,552,213/- 2,946,228/-

Note: Through an amendment in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by Finance Act 2013, advance tax (under section 236 I) shall be collected @ 5% on the entire amount of fee (if Student's Payable fee exceeds from Rs. 200,000/- per annum excluding the amount refundable).

University Of Engineering & Technology (UET) Peshawar 2022 Fee Structure For BS Civil Engineering

UET fee structure is designed to facilitate students by providing fee payment plans and detailing and explaining all relevant expenses for the semester program that they will be paying for throughout the year. Students can quickly get all concerned information regarding their semester tuition fee, internet charges, utility charges, hostel fees, thesis fee, among others on this page.

Fee Structure For Open Merit:

Sr. No. Details Fee(Rs.)
1 Registration Fees (per semester) 2000/-
2 Tuition Fee (per credit hours) 3000/-
3 Computer Fund (per semester) 750/-
4 Library Fund Non Refundable (per semester) 1000/-
5 Library & Lab. Security (on first registration) Refundable 4000/-
6 Field Trips (Charged when a field Trip organize) 1000/-
7 Thesis Evaluation Charges (on submission of Thesis) 4000/-
8 Course Completion Certificate 200/-
9 Interim Transcript 200/-
10 Final Transcript 500/-
11 Lab. Charges (per Semester) 2000/-
12 Internet Charges (per semester) 1000/-
13 CMS/PERN Charges (per semester) 2000/-
14 Utility charges (per semester ) 2000/-

Fee Structure For Self Merit:

UET students who wish to apply and continue their studies on a self-merit basis will find all useful information regarding self-merit fee structure for paying their university tuition charges, field trip charges, final transcript charges, among others on this page. International students will also get useful fee information and payment solutions for their degree program on this page.

Sr. No. Item Pakistani Nationals (Rs.) Foreign Students(US$)
1 Registration Fees (per semester) 2500/- 90/-
2 Tuition Fee (per credit hours) 6500/- 180/-
3 Computer Fund (per semester) 1500/- 90/-
4 Library Fund Non Refundable (per semester) 2000/- 90/-
5 Library & Lab. Security (on first registration) Refundable 5000/- 400/-
6 Field Trips (Charged when a field Trip organize) 1500/- 90/-
7 Thesis Evaluation Charges (on submission of Thesis) 4000/- 550/-
8 Course Completion Certificate 250/- 10/-
9 Interim Transcript 250/- 10/-
10 Final Transcript 600/- 20/-
11 Lab. Charges (per Semester) 2500/- 21/-
12 Internet Charges (per Semester) 1500/- 21/-
13 CMS/PERN Charges (per semester) 2500/- 21/-
14 Utility charges (per semester) 2500/- 21/-

Fee Structure 2022 For BS Civil Engineering Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology (MUET)

Students must choose their best fee payment plans and options provided from MUET fee structure as to what best suits their family financial position and offers flexibility in terms of fee payment options. Mehran University fee structure provides some of the best free structures for their regular students offering students complete details regarding their university fee structure including total fees, enrollment fee, subject fee, examination fee, among others.

Admission Fee-Regular Scheme

Details Payment Fee(Rs.)
Admission fee (Per Year) 14,000/-
University caution money deposit (Refundable) 5000/-
Subject society/PERN fee (Per Year) 1200/-
Enrolment fee (Once) 1000/-
HSC Marks Certificate verification fee (Once) 2000/-
Smart Identity Card Fee (Once) 1000/-
Total: 2,4200/-

Semester Fees

Details Payment Fee(Rs.)
Tuition fee (Per Semester) 14,000/-
Games fee (Per Semester) 500/-
Developmental charges (Per Semester) 1000/-
Transport charges (Per Semester) 5000/-
Examination Fee (Per Semester) 2000/-
Total: 2,2500/-

Note: The foreign students are charged USD. 1,000.00 per year (UDS. 500.00 per semester) as room charges. The other fees are the same as given above.

BS Civil Engineering Fee structure 2022 Ned University Of Engineering & Technology (NEDUET)

Students at NED University of engineering and technology are recognized as some of the best and brilliant minds of Pakistan. NEDUET fee structure provides students various fee structure payment plans including self-finance fee options, sponsorship programs, performance-based fee discounts, financial assistance for students, among others. The university provides international students with all details regarding semester fee payment plans and fee payment options for them. NEDUET has its separate department for Civil Engineering and Computer Science named as TIEST.

BS program at TIEST

For BS programme Fee Self Finance Fee Self Sponsor Fee Foreign Student Fee
Rs. 76,000/- Rs. 750,000/- Rs. 950,000/- Rs. 950,000/-

Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering & Management Sciences (BUITEMS) BS Civil Engineering Fee Structure 2022

The university stands out from the rest as being the pride of Baluchistan province providing special fee structure for its dedicated students. BUITEMS fee structure is designed to enable students to plan their courses according to their needs and provide fee payment plans, payment incentives, financial guides for paying fees as best as they can.

Semesters Admission fee (One time) Registration Fee (One time) Security Fee (Refundable) Tuition Fee Examination Fee Lab & Library Fee Total
1st 14,480/- 2,895/- 5,150/- 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 59,765/-
2nd 0/- 0/- 0/- 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
3rd - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
4th - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
5th - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
6th - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
7th - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-
8th - - - 26,365/- 2,635/- 8,240/- 37,240/-

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