They are many people who absorb themselves in reading books, they use their time to read a classic, contemporary, fiction, and various other genres of books or novels. On the other hand, a good majority of people do not know what the point of reading is and they usually shun books to read. This poses a question which must be asked and addressed immediately since all of us have so much time on our hands it is best to learn how to spend time in a better way and find new hobbies like reading a book. You will learn in this article why reading matters and some book suggestions for you to start your reading journey.

Why Reading Matters

The importance of reading cannot be fathomed easily many research articles have been published which state the benefits of reading to an individual and in turn the society as well. There are different reasons why people pick up books, for some it is an escape from their stressful lives and for others reading helps them relax and calm down. You will not know how reading benefits you until you do not give reading a chance. So, let us begin the argument for reading.

     1.   Reading Keeps Your Brain Healthy

People who actively read have a healthy, young, and sharp mind. Moreover, studies have shown that it can also prevent Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to this, when you read a book your brain uses its different functions like visual and auditory processes, comprehension, and more. This means that your brain remains more active, in comparison to scrolling through Instagram and or other social media feeds. Darting your eyes from one end of the other while reading keeps your brain on its toes, which helps in maintain attention – a commodity that has become scarce due to social media use. In short, reading keeps your brain strong and healthy.

     2.   Reading Makes You Creative

Nowadays, creative thinking is highly sought after by the job market. In the age of social media marketing, graphic designing, and other creative fields, such sort of thinking has become pertinent for success. When you read, especially fictional novels, it helps you think in different ways. You learn about the characters and their unique idiosyncrasies. It gives you more ideas and engages your brain to think. It might be perfectly possible that during reading you might have your Eureka moment and find something that you were looking for.

     3.   Reading Helps You To De-stress

The daily lives of students and working people are filled with mind-numbing tasks and assignments. There is always pressure to perform, submit the work on time, and other responsibilities that comes with being a student or an employee. The requirements pose a threat to the mental health of individuals because they increase stress. Prolonged exposure to stress can make you burn out quickly, and recovery takes a lot of time. However, if you make a habit of reading a good book – a book that you are interested in – can help you de-stress and relax more easily. Reading helps you relax because it takes your mind off of all the work-related stress and transports you into another world. When reading you sympathize and empathize with the characters and become a part of their world while forgetting about your own.

     4.   Improve Your Vocabulary by Reading

Many people need words to describe their internal dialogue to others, most fall short in verbalizing what they feel inside or about a situation. A better knowledge of words or vocabulary can help you articulate your feelings and understand others. Reading can help you learn new words and it increases your repertoire of word use. When you read texts, your eyes read through texts and important words within them that you had never heard of before and it makes you curious to know the meaning of the word. In addition to this, the use of a vocabulary word in context or sentence helps you understand the word better and increases your chances of using it in your daily routine.

     5.   Reading Broadens Your Perspective

When you start reading you learn about the characters, their lives, their intentions, their personalities. Moreover, when start reading you come across ideas and concepts that you have never thought of before. It provides you with a new way of understanding things, a new perspective to see things through which is necessary. It is important to have a broader perspective on things as to that you can understand people around you and how they feel.

     6.   Reading Makes You More Empathetic

Research has shown that people who read more fiction than non – fiction are more empathic to others. Empathy is important for people to have in order to connect to others on an emotional level and tie a bond with them. The reason why reading makes you empathetic is that when you read the story, you follow the character and how she or he develops and what that person goes through, while reading you put yourself in the character's shoes and think like him/her.

Are you interested in reading books now? If yes, then here is a small list of books that we recommend you start reading. All of these books are contemporary and easy to read.

1.   The silent patient by Alex Michaelides

2.   The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

3.   Pir – e – Kamil (PBUH) by Umera Ahmed

4.   The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom

5.   A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaleed Hosseini

6.    The Kite Runner by Khaleed Hosseini

7.    Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn 

8.    Room by Emma Donoghue

9.    The Prince of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

10.   Inferno by Dan Brown 

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