The degree of choice is either an MBA or an MPA, it depends upon wide range of fields. The MBA (Master of Business Administration) is by far the better-known program. Some people assume the MPA (Master of Public Administration) is another name for the MBA. While with having similarities in both of degrees but there is significant differences as well. The degrees are not interdependent, and it is easy to choose the right one.

What is an MPA Degree?

The Master of Public Administration is a graduate degree with a focus in the nonprofit and public sectors. The degree enables people for leadership roles in nongovernment’s, nonprofits, governmental organizations (NGOs), and other service-oriented companies. There are also applications for the MPA in private-sector, as well, such as human resources management and organizational leadership.

The public administration and business courses offer to MPA’s students.  Business courses topics typically cover different variety of subjects like project management, management, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. Public administration courses include Public Policy, Ethics, Public Finance, Research Methods, and many more.  This interdisciplinary approach facilitates students develop a wide range of decision-making tools and planning techniques to lead and manage public sector organizations.

The MPA is suitable degree for those with careers in public service or with organizations seeking the betterment of communities or those companies on a mission to solve social problems. It’s a degree for, mission-driven, people-minded individuals.

What Is an MBA Degree?

MBA students study different skills of business like organizational management, business communication, strategic planning, quantitative reasoning, and business ethics. The directly applies to today’s business challenges, the best MBA programs base their curriculum in real-world project-based. The degree focuses on real business problems and teaches the skills and insights needed to solve these problems effectively.

The Master of Business Administration is a degree at graduate level that prepares people to lead in business. Most private entities and nonprofits look positively at an MBA. The degree identify to signify that a candidate or current employee is serious about understanding business dynamics that go beyond their specific role or function.

Professionals who have an MBA occupy a wide range of job roles include:

  • Database administrators
  • Business operations managers
  • Marketing managers
  • Team supervisors
  • Project leads
  • Department managers
  • Financial managers
  • Logistics managers

The different leading role of managerial positions in a company give compensating salaries with perks of job rotation.

MBA vs. MPA: The Similarities

With the time, there are many similarities existing in MBA and MPA. On the other side, the differences also remains within.

Basic Coursework

First, there are many common things in the basic coursework. Both degree programs cover topics like finance, statistics, budgeting, management skills, and project management. Both degrees basically include a determined project, as well, though the nature of these projects varies by concentration and degree.

Ability to Tailor to Goals via Concentration

Both programs offer basic focused on beyond the basic or general degree. In other words, MPA or MBA identifies aims to meet desired career goals.

Program Length

When comparing MPA vs. MBA, the basic question is which degree takes longer time to complete. The truth is that both programs are contrast in length. In a traditional course schedule, the MPA or MBA completes in about two years. There are some accredited programs available, and it’s often possible for working professionals to slow down their coursework if necessary.

Online Options

Both degrees are offered with professionals in mind as in online or hybrid formats. It may be possible to complete your MPA or MBA without go far away from the workforce.

MBA vs MPA: The Differences

The difference between business administration and public administration are described as follows:

The Essential Difference

The core difference between MPA and MBA programs hit up to the mark to this: MBA enables you to lead, run, or manage a business entity or portion thereof. While many of the basic skills necessary to run either type of entity are the same, the goals are totally different. These identified goals are reflected throughout the two graduate programs. If your goal is public service, you’ll generally want to pursue the MPA, on the other hand, it prepares you to lead, run, or administrate public sector entities: local government, federal, state; non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and some nonprofits.

At the risk of oversimplifying: If your aim is business achievement and advancement, the MBA is simply the good choice. That said, the line isn’t crystal clear. The leadership level requires more MPA graduates which pursuing towards attaining private sector work.

Course Specifics

Both MPA and MBA students will study accounting and marketing. MBA Marketing Courses focus on how to sell a product or service in a market. The marketing courses, the leading one focus is on creating that public messages which aimed to bring change in a society immediately. They are both marketing courses, but the intent behind them can be quite different.


Salary is another area where there are some differences between the MBA and MPA. Sometimes MBA holders take an advantage over MPA holders in terms of salary.

If most people with MBAs work in big companies, it makes clear on a surface level, while on the other side, most with MPAs work in government or similar public service corporations. But it’s also important to remember that these are average salaries. Some large organizations pay huge benefits depending upon the demand of job.


In the conclusion, it can say that both degrees are offering huge benefits at any level of professionalism in terms of salary, bonuses, administration level position and as well as in the job roles with job rotation. The determined aims of life pursue that MBA necessitates for marketing purposes like from developing product cycle to product selling in a market while MPA determines with the purpose of public sector services. These public sector services require MPA holder with exceptional level of skills, with the determined goal of giving services in the field of government sector.

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