The most trending field in Pakistan is software engineering. Professional guidance can enhance the scope of soft engineering. The most famous personalities like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve jobs perform very well in their industries. The top-paying countries include Norway, Denmark, the USA, Sweden, New Zealand, etc.

In different situations of an economy, the demand for software engineers has been raising day by day. The participation of the Pakistani software industry in the international market is USD 2.8 million. The freelancing opportunity in the field of software engineering has excelled the level of earning by sitting in the home or anywhere in the world. The commitment of an individual to his work is appreciated in this field of interest. As the world is digitizing all of the fields related to Information technology are excelled through it Like Software engineering, digital marketing, and computer science, etc.

How to Become a Software Engineer

It is compulsory to have an HSSE certificate in the subject of math and computer science. After taking ICS or SC pre Engineering certificate, you are

e to take admission in software engineering. Many universities offer this program with an entry test and open merit while the passing criteria for the test are also entertained by the applicants. The required degrees are as Bachelor in Computer Science, bachelor in Information Technology, and bachelor in Software Engineering. These are four years period courses offered to become a software engineer.

Employers of Software Engineering

The latest update about expanding the business by Google in Pakistan. The demand for Software engineers exceeds in the market of Credit unions, Defense, Educational companies, huge businesses, research and development, software houses, universities, and publishers.

Job Opportunities

Software engineering provides you with many ways of lifelike

1-Application Developer

The development of applications is becoming a part of our daily routines like networking, home, fashion, and mobile with the help of software developers.

2-Game Developer

The provision of entertainment to the public by game developing apps are becoming a famous trend in the IT industry. The process of making games apps has been starting with professional expertise and going to the hands of those experts which brings the improvement in their coding structure continuously.

3-Private Setups

The online orders are taken through the internet and handling the data with the help of experts skills like time management, services provision, etc. This setup has not required any official office.

4-Web Designer

A large demand for web designers is required in the market. The features of online shopping and e-commerce increase the worth of business at any level.

5-User Interface Designer

The use of internet-connected refrigerators, Televisions, and microwave oven appliances are becoming the facility for users in daily routine tasks.

6-Cyber Security Manager

The allocation of system passwords to software, programs are necessary for updating messages and giving protection to the whole work.

7-Embedded Software Engineer

To deal with machines and robust technology increase the human interaction with defense systems like ATMs.

8-Software Publishers

The development in software and advancement in versions are applauding the capabilities of professionals.

9-Network Engineering

In a company, office, or any other place, where all networks are interconnected with the purpose to sharing data, network engineers are required.

Salary Trends For a Software Engineer in Pakistan

The minimum salary offers to software engineers in Pakistan is almost about PKR 50,000 to 60,000 per month. However, the maximum limit is based on the excellent expertise required in this industry. The high-paying trend in this field has pushed the demand for software engineers and raised the scope of this field. The various sectors have huge demand of various professions like research and development sector, teaching, graphic designing, web designing, etc.

Software Houses Salary/month
Arbisoft ₨82,500/month
NetSol Technologies ₨52,000/month
I2cnic ₨75,000/month
Techlogix ₨51,750/month
NorthBay ₨60,000/month
Systems Limited ₨ 65,000/month
CureMD ₨70,000/month
Confiz ₨84,000/month
Xavor ₨70,000/month
Nextbridge ₨65,000/month
Tkxel ₨60,000/month
IBEX Global ₨79,000/month
Softech Systems ₨53,000/month
Afiniti ₨100,000/month
Strategic Systems International ₨70,000/month
Intagleo Systems ₨70,000/month
Rolustech ₨80,000/month
GameView Studios ₨41,000/month
VentureDive ₨115,500/month
Panasonic ₨85,000/month

Top Universities for Software Engineering in Pakistan

1-University of Engineering and Technology Taxila

UET Taxila, a public university provides the degree of software engineering with the affiliation of HEC, PEC, and WA (Washington Accord). The offering programs admissions are opened in the month of June and July of every year. The programs are B.Sc. in Software Engineering which is a 4 year or 8-semester program with a total of 136 credit hours and the average semester fee is around 90,000. M.Sc. in Software Engineering and Ph.D. in Software Engineering are also offered by this university.

2-Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad

The top-rank university offers BSCS, Mphil, and Phd in this field. It comes at number one in the general ranking of higher institutes of Pakistan. It is offering the quality of degree by offering programs in morning and evening shifts

3-Punjab University College of Information Technology (PUCIT)

PUCIT offers graduate and post-graduate courses in the field of software engineering. By offering the BS, it also offers M.Sc, MS, and PhD in Computer Sciences. The higher institutes ranking, Punjab university has to lead the second position as getting the relative score of 83.28 and 85.014 respectively.

4- (NUST), Islamabad

An Electrical Engineering & Computer Science school offers the courses of BSSE and BSCS for software engineering. At the post-graduation level, it offers MS and PhD in computer science only. The student can take the option in software design and management. This university has stands in 3rd position with the provision of all higher education institutes with a strong score of 80.27 out of 100.

5-COMSATS, Islamabad

COMSATS offers both BSSE at the graduate level and BSCS programs for software engineering. It offers MS and PhD degrees at the post-graduate level in computer science only. The university stands in the list of top 10 higher education institutions in Pakistan with a score of 76.51 out of 100. The well-reputed institute among all higher institutes of Pakistan takes the score of 79.480 out of 100.

6-Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS), Islamabad

The institute offers a BSCS degree. PIEAS stands in 7th position in the list of top 10 institutes of Pakistan by gaining a score of 74.88 out of 100. However, it lies in 2nd position in the engineering institutes of Pakistan with score of 96.67 out of 100.

7-Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Lahore

LUMS provides the course of  BSCS in the field of software engineering. With BS, it also offers MSCS. The university charges fee PKR 661,000 and 488,900 for the fall and spring semesters respectively. Although the institute comes on 6th position in the list of the general category of higher education institutions in Pakistan with the relative score of 60.694 out of 100.

8-NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi

The NED offers a graduate-level BESE program. Now, it doesn’t offer any degree at the post-graduation level in the field. The institute secures 11th position in the list of top engineering institutes of Pakistan with a score of 51.06 out of 100. It has also established the Center for Software Research and Development (CSRD) to expand research in the field.

The Department of Software Engineering has equipped with the latest furnished labs of modern computers and all-time access to the Internet. These labs are:

  • General Purpose Computer Lab
  • Networks Lab
  • Graphics Lab Project Lab
  • Database Lab
  • Al Lab

Besides the furnished labs, there is a Center for Software Research & Development (CSRD) for conducting research-based activities and workshops.

9-The National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences FAST

It offers the degree of BSSE for software engineering. The degree is offered by the different cities campuses like Chiniot-Faisalabad, Karachi, and Peshawar. With BSSE, the university also offers MS and PhD. in the field. While these degrees are offered by the Islamabad campus only. The institute comes on 21st number in the general category of higher education institutes with a score of 50.534 out of 100.

10-Bahria University, Islamabad

Bahria University is another authentic name for software engineering. By offering BSSE, it also offers BSIT and BSCS to be a software engineer. Additionally, the institute scored 50.054 out of 100 by HEC scoring. It stands in 23rd position in the list of general higher institutes of Pakistan. With BS, the university also offers the following program in the field:

  • MS Software Engineering/ Computer Science
  • PhD in Software Engineering/ Computer Science

11-Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Topi

It offers graduate and post-graduate courses in the field. This Institute stands in 3rd position among engineering institutes in Pakistan by gaining a score of 75.34 out of 100. Besides BSCS, the faculty also offers:

  • BS in Computer Engineering
  • MS/ PhD. in Computer System Engineering

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