Psychometric Tests| Innovative Diagnostic Tools for Career Selection

As a college student, you might be constantly thinking about your career. Don’t get stressed. Remember you live for the challenge of managing risk and discovering opportunities that no one else sees. The tests psychologists use to help a person through the process of career selection fulfill a number of aims. Their results help determine which type a person is, and can suggest a range of career opportunities and further learning opportunities best suited to your particular personality and temperament.

Psychometric Tests

Psychometric Tests are verbal, written or digital exercises, generally, in a multiple choice questions format. These tests are taken to assess perceptive capacities or how a candidate would respond to different situations. The term psychometric is generally defined as the measurement and testing of mental states and processes.

British Psychological Society has stated their definition of psychometric test as an instrument designed to produce a quantitative assessment of some psychological attributes.

Students, who are yet to decide their career, can take advantage from these psychometric tests to get a clear understanding. These tests are available free on the internet and suggest the best career options for the students, depending on their aptitudes and skills.

Types of Psychometric test:

The two main types of psychometric tests are aptitude test and personality test .Aptitude tests are taken to evaluate the intelligence and ability in a specific or sometimes general area. While, personality questionnaires help to sketch the profile of a person’s characteristics and personality.

The broad two classes of psychometric test are further branched into several categories.

Aptitude or Intelligence Test:

Intelligence tests (commonly refer as IQ tests) are standardized examination formulated to measure human intelligence, distinctive from achievements. These tests comprise a series of exercises or tasks to figure out the IQ Level. The IQ is compared with the set average IQ of 100.

The Aptitude tests are further categorized into

  • Verbal intelligence tests
  • Cultural fair intelligence test
  • Numerical Calculations
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Technical aptitude
  • Mental agility
  • IQ test
  • Creativity

Personality Test:

Personality test is defined as an assessment to evaluate personality features and/or forecast interpersonal lacking .These tests are also use as a parameter to measure problem-solving capability and to dig out the potential of your supervising capacity. These tests enable a student to get aware of his or her strengths and weaknesses. The following evaluations are conducted as personality analysis.

  • How self-Confident are you?
  • Success based queries.
  • How content are you?

Psychometric Tests in Pakistan:

Psychometric testing is a relatively new concept in Pakistan, especially in the education scenario. The majority of educational institutions lack this approach as a result students are forced to select a field that lies out of their comfort zones. We have to realize that Psychometric tests can act as a rational solution to help students convince their parents to let them select the career of their choice. To get maximum benefits through these psychological-oriented tests, educational institutions in Pakistan should set up some programs to assess student’s capabilities and aptitude and guide them for their future career options. Career counseling sessions with some psychometric evaluations should be conducted in universities, to guide their students with about their preferred career occupations.

What to Consider before taking a Psychometric Test:

Although, Government institution has yet not taken any step to conduct psychometric tests, fortunately, many private universities are conducting such assessments successfully .In addition, private educational consultants and career counselors are offering these tests in Pakistan. You can access numerous offering free psychometric tests. To take the workable benefit from these tests you should be logical about certain factors:

  • There is no single free aptitude test or free personality test that seems perfect for every career.
  • Select the right psychometric test for the career you are opting for.
  • You have to consider that how much learning you are gaining through a psychometric test, or an IQ test.
  • Try to comprehend the logic behind your practice question prior taking a real psychometric test.

In short, taking a psychometric test is the recent approach to opt for the right career therefore tries to attend a psychometric exam to evaluate your potentials.



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