1. Law breakers should be punished strictly at each level and dealt with an iron hand.
  2. No one is protected when the matter is of dishonesty, corruption, bureaucrat, politician, and high level officers, who alleged to have plundered wealth, are no immune in the matter of corruption.
  3. Its need of time that we should cleaned the top leadership as in other countries cleaned the corrupt leadership and setup totally reject and crushed jointly.
  4. The people mind should be changed by the prevalence of moral values, and teachers, professors, and scholars can play positive role and they should do it easily and changed the students mind in positive and right direction.
  5. Tribute national honest heroes, because they are symbol of struggle, admiration and spirit for the youth.
  6. It is national responsibility that endorses unity, harmony and cohesion amongst the provinces.
  7. Every citizen of Pakistan irrespective of their age and occupation starts to realize their own duties. It is possible when people get consciousness and make a distinction between good and awful.
  8. Announce education as the highest priority of the government, and the entire nation as well as the military in waging a war against illiteracy.
  9. Good governance should be based on justice and equity.


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