Image of Pakistan and Media – a deep thinking

Nobody can deny the importance of media for any country in this world.  Today we all know that media can present a country to the other world either in a “Positve” sense or in a “Negative” sense.  It was late 80’s, when I was in my teen age, started to understand a bit whats on the news at 7PM and then at 9PM on Pakistan Television (PTV). Since then me and my friends are listening that Pakistan is going through a rough and crucial patch, “Pakistan tareekh ke nazuk tareen daur se guzar raha hai...” and tipical sentences like that. As we all know that when PTV was the only electronic media in Pakistan people were unable to know the “truth”. Being a National TV, PTV always presented “ALL IS WELL” (Yes, like in bollywood movie “3 Idiots”) and today unfortunately is no different! But with the introiduction of private news and other channels people are now able to reach “some bits of truth” which I think is better than “Lies”.

Today in Pakisan, people are more informed not only about politics but also about the other matters, as compared to our older generations and this is good I think. Now coming to the point I would like to talk about one very important “theory”, “thinking” or “a view point” of most of the people in Pakistan that most of the private channels today are “funded” by America (CIA) and Israel (MOSAD). I think their logic behind this view is very logical and interesting, lets discuss this. We can observe that since the introduction of these private channels they are highlighting each and every “Negative” event of Pakistan, which results in a very bad, frustrating image of Pakistan to the outer world. In other words these channels do present some “Positives” but never followed those postives and on the other hand they not only highlight but also follow the “Negative” events. People who are supporters of this theory ask questions that “How this is possible that the entire bad things are happening in Pakistan? Or the outer world is a Paradise where everything is “FINE”? Another interesting question is “Why don’t we heard or see less negativity on the media of other countries? Are there no voilance incidents, are there no crimes, are there no bomb blasts, and last but not least are there no social problems?” Only in America there are hundreds of social crimes in  a day, India is in a strong grip of social evils like women rights, child labour, religious conflicts and counting goes on! But very few times it happens when we see their media telling about these evils.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan our channels in a race to “Break News” showing each and every negative thing and do not paying attention to the positive things happening around like local sports event, Students performing excellent not only in Pakistan but all over the world, and many other things, these are the soft and positive images of Pakistan which our media is missing badly. I know there are many negatives in Pakistan but there are positives too. Other world is not a paradise crimes are there, problems are there but they do present those negative events in such a way that it looks...... “NOTHING”. Interesting thing is that most of our channels broadcast special bulletins only for negative things from all over Pakistan...!!! Then why don’t these channels broadcast special bulletins for positive things????? There is no shortage of “Positives” in Pakistan!

Because of all the above other world especially Pakistan’s “enemies” are linking every evil to Pakistan.  They blame Pakistan for every bomb blast any where in the world... and again unfortunately although Pakistani channels are not “helping” them but they also unable to defend Pakistan’s position almost everytime it happened. Suppose a jew or a christian or a hindu commits crime the media blames only that particular person for that crime but not Judisism, or Christianity or Hinduism BUT in case of a muslim especially Pakistani The media blames “PAKISTAN AND ISLAM” ...Why are these double standards by media, not only international media but also Pakistani media…Think about this...????

I think people who support this theory have valid reasons and questions that should be answered…that why these channels are highlighting only negatives about Pakistan? Why not they highlight positives of Pakistan? Why these channels are “DELIBRATELY” unable to defend Pakistan’s position? For the answers to these questions we need...... “a Deep Thinking”.

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