Traveling is a dream for many youth and adults. It is not a secret that traveling is a highly expensive enjoyment. Some people don’t count the expenses of their trips, but some of them do. And mostly these are students who can work just part-time, and some don’t work at all.

While you don’t know if you should buy essays or save some money on a trip, we will recommend you the sea of opportunities to travel for free! How can you realize a childhood dream and begin to travel right now without thousands of dollars in your pocket? We hope that these ten suggestions will be the right solution for you.

1. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is the most significant guest network online. The main goal of this project is to help people making trips without heavy expenses. This fantastic network already unites 3 million people in 246 countries.

What does Couchsurfing look like in practice? You go on a trip to some countries. Upon arrival, your online friends, residents of the place where you arrived, will meet and settle you in their home. And you live with them for free! Also, you may ask for free tours of the sights and interesting, significant places around. With this service, you find a friend or friends whom you can safely rely on in terms of living and adaptation to an unfamiliar locality. This service is completely free. Although, if you decide to show gratitude to your new friend with a gift for your warm welcome, no one will be against it! If this project is exciting for you, you may always join it on

2. Turtle Island

Turtle Island is an association of many people around the globe who are actively fighting the extinction of sea turtles.

Work in this team does not require special skills. For example, Turtle Island instructs you to do observations or training and possibly gives some other simple tasks. In any case, you will participate in an invaluable contribution to the turtles’ protection. This method is suitable for those who want to travel and join the world of wildlife.

The main foothold of the Turtle Island activities is in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. Have you ever been dreaming of visiting these places? Go ahead to the site, and you can start packing your bags.

3. Conservation Volunteers

Another travel opportunity for the voluntary environmentalists is to join Conservation Volunteers. It is an organization that made ecotourism a goal. They invite all volunteers who want to protect nature to join the ranks. There are great options for volunteers to choose what to do. Everyone will have the opportunity to show their talents and accept a job that they like.

The countries, where the organization engages in activities, are Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the USA. You can join the project or learn more about it on the organization’s website —

4. Sudan Volunteer Program

Have you ever heard about Sudan Volunteer Program? If you have excellent English language skills and some teaching experience, you can try to share your knowledge with the kids of Sudan.

One of the conditions is being at least the age of 22. The essence of your activity will be to study English with children and teenagers in Sudan. This is an exciting opportunity to get acquainted with a distant and exotic country, to earn a certain amount as a volunteer reward, and also to benefit the best part of humanity – the kids!

You can familiarize yourself with the volunteer language program in Sudan or join it at

5. Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Appalachian Trail is an organization from the United States. The primary purpose is to preserve the heritage in its original form for descendants. The territory is a massive stretch of greenland (about 100 thousand hectares) from Maine to Georgia. Volunteers’ main goals are to leave clean air to breathe, untouched landscapes to admire, and clean water in natural springs to enjoy for future generations. The organization provides free housing and meals for all volunteers.

If you find this proposal satisfying, read the details on

6. Trip Leader for HF Holidays

This European program is incredibly popular among the residents of Foggy Albion. The main goal of this organization is to popularize hiking among people. In a team of newfound friends, you will take a fascinating journey. Choose rafting on the river or overcoming obstacles in the highlands: in any case, you will get indescribable emotions and aesthetic pleasure from the beauties of European natural landscapes.

You can choose a route and join a walk on the program’s website:

7. Help Exchange

People need help all over the world, but not everyone has the opportunity to pay for this platform. Help Exchange can be an excellent option for a student to visit a new location from the travel list. Perhaps somewhere in a distant country, someone will appreciate your ability to care for the garden, to pick up the fruits, to build houses, to operate a boat, or to take care of pets. Householders are ready to provide you with housing and food in exchange for your precious help.

Visit and find out which corner of the world has long been waiting for you!

9. United Nations Volunteers

The UN is a well-known worldwide organization. If you have a thirst for traveling abroad, you can join the UN and visit different countries of the world as a volunteer to help people. By partnering with UN Volunteers, you can also get a chance to get a permanent job at a United Nations non-governmental organization.

You can always join the program or clarify any nuances on their website


WWOOF is the largest organization that allows people to visit different countries of the world and benefit farmers at the same time. The organization has a clear definition of the length of the working day for volunteers who have entered their program: it’s about 6 hours. The rest of the time, you are free to do your business. The farmer who invited you should provide housing and food.

The organization’s program currently operates in 53 countries from Australia to Europe, including Hawaii and Taiwan. If you are desired to work on agricultural farms, you can always clarify the details on the organization’s website

As you noticed, almost all of the methods described earlier require a good knowledge of English. But even if your level of English is not high, do not worry. It’s never too late to start learning!

Time to act!

These ten most interesting ways will help high school students visit different countries and at the same time, save a lot of money. You can bring benefits to people, to nature, and our planet. In such trips, you can learn something new for yourself. Choose the best option for you and go see the world! It will cost almost nothing to your wallet. After the journey, you will bring a massive suitcase of the kindest emotions, new friends, and bright impressions, like precious souvenirs from a fantastic trip!

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