Our students are now surviving in a pretty competitive world. With the boom of several private universities and colleges, the admission process has become more complex and if you are looking to study abroad then the admission system demands much more than simple GPAs and letters of recommendations. There are many other strategies that can help you to grab your choice of college admission instantly .These include participating in some valuable extra- curricular activities or completing some hours of voluntary service.

Understanding a Voluntary Task:

A volunteer student is a student who willingly offers himself or herself for a service without pay. Volunteering proves your commitment and inclination to work for the betterment of society or other people. Many companies offer their own volunteer program, or they support other local programs.

Why to Volunteer?

There are many reasons to adopt a voluntary service. The basic reason is that you can get admission in renowned universities or colleges if you have completed good hours in any community or voluntary service.

Volunteering, won’t add up your GPA or raise your test scores, however, it will provide a surfeit to your application via experiences, connections, and personality growth.

There are several other reasons to get enrolled in a voluntary service like:

A Sense of Accomplishment

Voluntary work and experiences gained worth way more than any money earned in a conventional way. This selfless work builds self-confidence and lifts up the spirits.

Creating Contacts:

Obviously when you work in a community or within a group you will get a chance to meet a wide variety of people from different backgrounds which will help you to build good connections in diverse fields of life.

Helping Hands:

The feeling that you can help others in any way will cheer up your spirit and you become more sincere and sensitive towards accomplishing your responsibilities.

Global Awareness:

While on a voluntary service you will get a chance to come out from your home and learn what is actually happening around the world.

The Concerning Issue:

Remember not all volunteer jobs fit every student. Besides getting an opportunity for college admissions the actual goal is to maximize your utility. High school students are definitely so try to find an organization that matches your taste and career options. Figure out how many voluntary service hours for college is actually needed for admissions. Another major thing to consider is that never try to adopt many voluntary services at a time as the main thing to focus is your studies.

According to a survey from 32 American Universities, it is concluded that 75% institutions prefer single voluntary service per student. According to the author’s statement of this survey, ranked by US News & World Report:

“It is clear that passion and commitment to something bigger play a key role in the decisions. Taking the lead to bring about change in a community will help set a student apart from his or her peers, but communicating depth in that experience is also a determining factor for admissions’ officers.”

While writing your admission letter, don’t rush on words rather share your personal anecdotes and focus on how this service have changed your thinking and personality .Don’t forget to mention the number of hours you volunteered. Explain how all of the experiences enclose one larger issue, such as poverty or human rights. While writing your essay, use impressive vocabulary like initiative or personal change.

Voluntary Services in Pakistan for College and University Students:

Pakistan is a third world country and finding a community based volunteer service is not a big task .Many NGO’S and other departments are offering their voluntary service program specially during summer holidays .Check online to get enrolled in your choice of voluntary ob .Some renowned Pakistani voluntary programs include :

Environmental Protection by WWF Pakistan:

WWF-Pakistan offers a range of voluntary opportunities including marketing, computers, event management, environmental science and policy etc.

TCF Social Internship Programme

An internship for students from Pakistan’s leading universities. Students are eligible to participate in developmental initiatives of TCF in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. This internship provides students an exposure to the certainties of challenged areas of Pakistan.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme

This is a UN official program in which the UN organization contributes to peace and development in developing countries.



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