Yesterday I was browsing the net to get some understanding of the entry test format and processes in Pakistan; but suddenly I was shocked to read these following captions.

FSc position holders fail college entrance exam
Students oppose negative marking in entry tests for medical colleges
Students facing admission problems in Pakistan

The first word that lighted up in my mind is WHY??

Why our exceptional students find it hard to succeed in their entry exams and what would be the real solution of such problems?

Why Entry Test?

A recent research conducted on the significance of entry test for medical colleges have concluded that FSC marks are the prime requirement and are the highlighter for merit admission. However Entry test has its own place .It is the tool to judge the competence of every student belonging to different institutions, boards and provinces. It is a practical parameter to overcome the blunders done intentionally or unintentionally by students, board practitioners and other authorities.

Causes for entry test Failure:

When I scroll down to learn the reasons for such failures, I got several titles debating the topic .The causes are general .Either student lost the confidence at the time of the test or have not prepared strategically to win the challenge .Most students fail the test for wrong approaches while others are unaware of the basic concepts of the topic.

  • Time management is the primary cause of not succeeding in the exam .This is a timed test and you should practice a lot to read and comprehend the query in the given time span.
  • Another great reason for such a failure is simply carelessness. Yes, these tests are mostly based on multiple choice questions and our students behave very carelessly in answering them .They either read half of the query or don’t care about confirming that they have checked the right box.
  • The A levels/Intermediate mode of studies is another dispute .Generally it is considered that for Pakistani students it is better to take intermediate board curriculum as more than 90 percent questions in the entry tests were adopted from Pakistani books.

Students at many forums have discussed about this subject and have provided useful tips to pass these tests easily.

Types of Entry tests in Pakistan:

The terms M-CAT, E-CAT,B-CAT etc. are used to denote the entry tests of different origins like M-CAT stands for Medical College Admission tests whereas ECAT refers the engineering college admission test.

Tips to get success in the upcoming Entry Test

  1. Every subject have its own format of testing but the common thing is that they will ask multiple choice questions to learn how conceptual the student’s approach is .Practice on line tests at home to overcome the time management challenge. Divide your time for questions and give a bit more time to Maths because here you have to calculate your answer. Don’t forget to practice the coloring of computer sensitive sheet.
  2. Try to read real experiences of students who have already taken the test .This will give you a hands-on help.
  3. Try to refresh the basic concepts of the topic quickly and assess from where the question is being asked.
  4. Get command over grammar and mathematical or scientific formulas.
  5. One student have rationally commented on such issue .He advised the students to brush up the basic concepts. He believed in practicing a lot through prescribed text book or reliable online test sites .According to him a good solid understanding at the school or college will help to pass the test seamlessly.
  6. Another fellow suggested reading a critical thinking book that can help you in the verbal reasoning sections.
  7. For maths test, memorizing equations or facts will not help a lot; rather revise the lesson via lot of practice to get familiar with the methods.
  8. To submit a good creative writing piece or simply an essay it is suggested to read a quality article in newspaper or magazine on daily basis, furthermore, try to analyze the arguments being made. And judge its consistency or foundation. Try to find out tips to make the article stronger.

Hence there are many useful tips that will help you to achieve high scores in entry test .The foremost thing is to check the dates of the upcoming test and register yourself promptly .Don’t forget to get prepared in advance. BEST OF LUCK! To all the appearing students.

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