Exams are approaching and it’s high time for secondary and intermediate students to get equipped with all smart strategies to refine their study skills. Study skills are defined as ‘planned methodologies’ applied to acquire good academic grades via effective learning techniques.

No two students study in the same style; yet, whatever be the style there are some common attributes that can help the student to achieve excellence in their exams. Let’s delve into effective study skills.

Get Ready!

The prime factor that restricts you from learning is laziness. Be active and get organized .Set a place for studies with privacy option and remember, whatever the space be, make it clean and cozy for a comfortable learning atmosphere.

Manage a strict time oriented schedule:

Time management always earns the top rank in skill development strategies. Make a time table with to do list. Prioritize your lessons. Don’t forget to allot some breaks between the learning schedules and also manage time for meals and family chats. Set schedules for group studies and assignments.

Collect and organize the learning resources:

Most students don’t take this tip seriously even serious learners collect a clutter of learning material around them .This is a drastic mistake because it waste a lot of time like flipping pages or sorting the right book. Therefore collect all learning resources like books, worksheets, notes even websites and get them organized in categories. This strategy will save your time and provide you a stress free study atmosphere. Similarly organize the relevant accessories like stationary, calculators or graph book with your study material.

Read to Comprehend:

This skill might look in effective but you can get the real benefit once you apply this in your study skills. Go through the curriculum first and read the material you are going to learn .Develop smart reading strategies and take help from links, opinions, ideas and research to develop your reading skills. Critical reading leads to critical thinking and you are able to comprehend what and how you are going to learn. Read samples and examples of your lessons to understand the writing style and mathematical solutions.

Adopt comprehensive Note-Taking techniques:

This is the most critical area which has to be mastered. Once you become expert at note taking you can win half the race.

  • Try to paraphrase your teacher's lecture.
  • Review the notes on daily basis.
  • Highlight the repeated statements.
  • Draw a flowchart of the lesson plan.
  • Take help from bullets and numbering. Jot these bullets on a highland note and stick it on your wall or the note book for a quick review.
  • Rewrite the lesson in your own words.

Enhance your test Preparation skills:

If you are preparing for an upcoming test, first identify your in -capabilities .Approach the resource that can help you to solve your problems. Focus on the exam format and check the marking scheme .Review the past papers and re organize your lesson plan accordingly. You can take help from flash cards or you can teach the same lesson loudly to a real or virtual student. Survey all the resources that can help you to answer the upcoming test questions .Don’t skip any topic, even for lengthy curriculum get a basic idea of each topic.

Pakistani Research on Effective Study Skills.

The above mentioned study skills are really valuable.

Research study conducted on Abbottabad, intermediate students have provided the proof.

The research was conducted on 300 intermediate students comprising 173 girls, and 127 boys from 10 colleges of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Marks scored in Annual examinations under Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Abbottabad were the real criteria to determine the Academic achievements. The result reflects significant relationship between time-management skills, reading, note-taking skills and academic achievements. Outstanding academic achievers use a wide range of study skills as compared to average students. Further evaluation of this data reveals girls are better in using study techniques when compared to boys.

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