Child Custody Law

Child custody information is critical in the event of a divorce involving children, as complete understanding of this information offers the best assurance that the desired custody is awarded. Although laws can vary from state to the state, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the custody award is in best interest of the children. For the courts, this means taking into consideration a number of factors beyond the financial stability of either parent. These factors are also the main reason that an attorney may be recommended.

A vast amount of child custody information is available on the Internet, including the points that can affect the decision of the court. This includes the age of a child, as particularly young children are most often put into the custody of their primary caregiver, while older children are likely to be awarded to the parent most able to provide stability in regards to education, peer groups, and religion. The preference of the child is also taken into consideration with older children, although this usually means those above the age of 12.

Awareness of the types of custody is another valuable part of child custody information, especially considering that there is a difference between physical and legal custody. A parent granted legal custody. for example, retains the right to be a part of the decision-making process in regards to raising a child, even if they do not share joint physical custody. This is done to ensure that both parents are involved in the raising of their children, and it is the primary reason that sole physical and sole legal custody is rarely granted simultaneously to either of the parents.

An attorney is often recommended when a parent decides to make a case for custody, and many specialize in child custody information. Attorneys can also help create a Parenting Agreement that outlines the specific allowances and limitations for both sides of the discussion. Attorney fees will amount to an additional expense, but the assurance that all issues are addressed to the satisfaction of the court can make their services well worth their fee.

Full understanding of all aspects of child custody information can greatly increase the chance that custody will be awarded as desired. Although an abundance of relevant information can be found on the Internet, an attorney is often recommended to ensure that all areas of concern are addressed. This includes both the type of custody and the specifics of a Parental Agreement that will affect both parties. While the services of an attorney will require a fee, the assistance in wading through the particulars of child custody information can make the fee a worthy investment in a child.

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