Apply these 8 effective techniques to improve your current affairs knowledge

The youth of Pakistan is striving to achieve a good designation in government departments of Pakistan. There is a designed and defined process to get direct access to government's jobs and it is hailed as competitive exams.

Current affairs being the most common yet most unknown subject by students while preparing for competitive exams. Whether it's CSS, PMS and all other competitive exams it is one of the compulsory subject which aim is solely to test your knowledge regarding current situation of the regional and global contemporary events.

Here are eight techniques to improve your current affairs subject if you are intending to take competitive exam in coming years.

1. Subscribe to Newspapers:

The foremost and first step to know about current affairs is the newspaper. For decades newspapers have been an important and first hand source of information by learned journalists. The problem with Students is they haven't develop the habit of reading newspaper regularly. Most of the students rely on the information circulating on the social media which is most of the cases is based on half-truth and fake utmost.

By subscribing to the newspaper you should also have to develop the habit to go through opinion-editorial section of the paper. It will not only provide you the evaluation of diverse erudite scholars but also help you understand the issue from different perspective, shaping your own opinion on the issue too.

"The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas". Linus Pauling

2. Peruse a journal:

Journals are an important mode of information about the contemporary events. Keeping a Journal in your reading list enhances your command on the current affairs. Journals have a very strict criteria which scholars required to maintain following proper methodology to publish their papers. They are the historians who wrote articles based on their research area. You can also excess free online journals and repositories of top universities.

3. Reading books:

Apart from current affairs books for centuries, have been an important of information and knowledge that is compiled after years of research. Books are considered as the authentic and credible source of information for centuries. It is basically a combination of ideas and critical analysis of a particular topic. Developing book reading habits helps a lot in forming arguments while discussion and debates.

4. Attend a seminar or conference:

Attending seminars and conferences develop the sense of interaction with scholars, teachers and students where you can have open discussions. Discussions and debates always have been an essential source of enhancing knowledge by approving or dissenting opinions through your arguments.

5. Make notes of important events:

Highlighting important key events and making notes of them in a flowchart and notes makes it easy to remember the chain of sequence of any affair. It will develop your writing speed and keep the record of everything you have studied during the course of your learning.

6. Join a book club or social group:

Another way to keep updated about current affairs and general knowledge is to join a book club or social group. There are many groups' online groups and forums on Facebook that discusses the topic of their interest. However joining a book club or library is highly recommended and will have greater learning experience as compared to online groups and forums. You can interact with other students providing you more opportunities of live discussions which is restricted to only comments if you join any online page or group.

7. Utilize Internet and TV:

You should maximize the advantage of technology by watching TV current affairs show and using internet sources to search about any topic and event in particular. You can also register for an online course if you are not familiar with the contemporary events and want to follow a proper timeline. There are many free online courses that are designed for the preparation of particular subjects.

8. Interact with Professors and CSP's:

This is the best technique which will not only keep you motivated but can also guide you to proper techniques of preparing this particular subject. CSP's and teachers who have expertise in political sciences, International relations, and history are the opinion makers of the current affairs whose reviews are highly recommended for students for preparing c.f.

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