Are you a nocturnal learner? If yes, then you should take care of your health because waking up all night compromises your sleep patterns as well as make you lethargic and sick. Studying at night is a common trend, especially among college or university students. In late hours you can benefit from the serene and noiseless atmosphere. Moreover, you are not committed to perform any daily chore and can continue the hurdle free study. Who don’t like to enjoy those yummy midnight deals, In fact, night is the time when you are not forced to adopt formal dressings or perfect postures. Getting in your most comfortable pajamas with baggy T-shirts and lying carelessly on your couch provide the most comforting aura to pick a book and learn for the upcoming test.

People who believe in the ‘early to bed early to rise’ concept drastically oppose this late night learning strategy. This is a confusing argument, yet, every personality and stamina level is different. Some people are highly active in the morning while others feel energetic at night .Likewise, the circumstances are different for different students so you have to select a time when you can study seriously without any disturbance.

If you are a night-time learner, you can continue this routine healthily by following some effective late night study tips:

  1. Define and divide your daily schedule in a balanced style:
    It means you have to set timings for every activity like studying, out-door activities ,doing housework or watching TV .Rule out how much hours of sleep would be sufficient for you to keep you fresh and active. Switch off all the devices that distract your studies and select a cozy corner to study.
  2. Figure-out the best day timings to sleep:
    This is very crucial because you have to think about those hours of the day in which you can sleep for long hours, completely undisturbed. If this continuous sleep seems impossible, divide your nap time but sleep enough hours to retain our energy levels.
  3. Illuminate your surroundings:
    Bright lights will prevent you to get drowsy as it creates a day-light scenario in your room .These lights are good for your eyesight also. Health researchers also suggest helpful lighting styles for these night learners.
  4. Let your blood flowing:
    For a persistent learner, nothing is worse than a numb stance. Continuous study in the same posture retards the proper circulation and you will feel numbness and pain in your body, therefore change your postures periodically. Take breaks and walk around or get indulge in some mild physical activity.
  5. Bridge the gap between junk and healthy diets:
    Go moderate ,it means you can have your favorite cheese burger after your chemistry lesson but don’t forget to munch some apple slices after eating your yummy burger .This will balance your eating habits and satisfy your cravings .A handful of nuts ,some popcorns and adequate water will save you from weight issues and dehydration. Remember a protein rich breakfast such as eggs, etc. will energize you for the next 24 hours.
  6. Address your Caffeine demand:
    There are mixed reviews about caffeine consumption to stay awake .Some are in favor of hot coffee or tea, while others don’t recommend such intakes. It is verified that extra cups of coffee will make you sleepy .The balanced way is to take 1-2 cups for cravings, otherwise a simple glass of water or juice can fulfill your request.
  7. Divide your night study in shifts:
    The first half of night is good for memorizing the lesson as you are still active and energetic while the other half is suitable for revising the learnt matter .If you want to read some less important topics, you can read it the later shift. Organize your studies according to a set time table.

Consequently, night study is not that harmful or unhealthy habit as thought; in fact this style provides the most perfect environment with complete privacy. You just have to focus on a systemized way to study healthily at night.

Brains Learn Better At Night

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