All set for Finals? Effective strategies to improve exam performance help you to get good grades in your exams. To adopt such strategies first you have to avoid the following exam day mistakes that can spoil your full year exam preparations.

1. Waking up late

Sleeping early prevents many glitches. You will rise early and fresh. You will not experience the pricking headache the morning when you are getting ready for exams. You won't feel drowsy and you won't need to gulp extra doses of caffeine to wake up before you start your exams.

2. Taking heavy or discomforting breakfast

It's a good idea to detect early, whether you have any food related discomforts or not. If some food ingredients bother just avoid them and take light but healthy items in your breakfast meal .Oatmeal porridge, fresh juice and boiled eggs are good options for healthy breakfast.

3. Getting exposed to allergy triggers.

If you are allergic to some particular object, let’s say some food or pollen, protect yourself to get exposed to them otherwise you have to face serious consequences.

4. Making a mess:

Always compile everything necessary for your exam the night before the test .If you make the mess and your belongings are disorganized, you will get stressed in the morning to collect important notes, documents and stationary.

5. Getting Late:

This is the most crucial mistake most students make .Try to be on time on the examination center it will save you from panic and you will get enough time to have a bird’s eye view of your syllabus. It will also save you from emergency frights.

6. Cramming:

Once you entered the examination centre, don’t think to overload yourself with cramming. A simple go through of the topics are good but trying to read everything at that time will forget the things you have already learnt.

7. Sitting Idle:

When you are in the examination hall or place the very first thing you need to do is to check the seat, roll number and class where you have to sit. If you are stressed, relax yourself and move around to find your roll number and seat so that you can reach there before your exam starts.

8. Forgetting to pray:

This is the right time to recite your prayers, so talk to god and pray for a good exam. God help those who helped themselves therefore prepare well and seek help from god success will surely knock your doors.

9. Getting Absent minded:

One thing that will make your exam well is your presence at the hall, not physically but also mentally some students are so stressed that they lose their confidence and stay absentmindedly in the room. This will harm you dreadfully because anybody can benefit and put you in trouble .Moreover you have to be very responsive towards your invigilator.

10. Missing attendance:

Attendance is taken prior the paper distribution to ensure that the student is physically present in the examination hall ,therefore get alert and sign the attendance sheet with a thoughtful look .If you miss to mark your attendance it might become problematic in future.

11. Taking Question Paper for granted:

Most students do this un mistake .They never care to read the questions keenly and start doing their paper .Never do that and reread your questions to comprehend what the interrogation is demanding.

12. Poor time management:

The time management skill should be sharpen long before the exams .Practice more to complete your paper early .When you start your paper assign time for each question and leave some space to revise the paper .If you feel that the question is getting too long, leave it and complete other answers properly then get back to your first question.

13 Discussing answers with others:

Generally students are in a habit to eavesdrop and whisper to their friends, what they wrote for answers, but this could bring serious consequences. You can't do anything if your examiner punishes you and you will get a bad repute for life.


Honesty is the best policy and if you cheat in your exam you will never become qualified and furthermore if you are caught cheating then your whole career is destroyed.

15. Getting anxious to get out of the examination hall

Students are very excited to leave the examination hall and chat with their fellows but if you make panic and handover your paper early without revising it ,you might miss some very important thing in your answer ,so be patient .Sit comfortably and revise your paper before submitting it to your teacher.

Top tips for exam day

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