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The third category 750 Prize Bond Result 2024 will be announced. This was a much anticipated news for the people who have bought the 750 prize bonds earlier. The Rs. 750 Prize Bond scheme, initiated by the government, serves a dual purpose: to generate funds for public initiatives and provide individuals with a secure means to safeguard their wealth without the risk of devaluation. As it will be for generations, results demonstrate why the prize bond remains a preferred choice among savers and investors in Pakistan.

  • The National Savings Division's Muzaffarabad office will be announced the 750 prize bond winners on October 2024.

  • The draw featured an impressive total of 1,700 prizes, with a combined winning amount in the millions of rupees.

  • The ultimate jackpot of Rs. 1,500,000 was claimed by a single lucky individual, holding the winning bond number 593831.

  • The second-tier rewards comprised three substantial prizes, each valued at Rs. 500,000. These fortunate winners held the bond numbers 513366, 827500, and 894418.

  • The third prize category brought good fortune to 1,696 individuals, each receiving a cash prize of Rs. 9,300. This generous distribution of smaller prizes underscores the widespread appeal of the Rs750 Prize Bond scheme.

Bond No. Prize No. Amount
593831 1st Rs. 1,500,000
513366, 827500 2nd Rs. 500,000
(1696 candidates win this prize) 3rd Rs. 9,300

Check 750 Prize Bond Result 2024

The team of Ilmkidunya comes with almost all the possible information that prize bond users want to know. Users who are beginners want to know some basic information including what the national prize bond scheme is, how to buy Rs. 750 or any other prize bond, where to find prize bond result 750, what is the process to claim the reward, how to check whether the bond is original or fake, and many other facts about prize bonds. Well, users are happily informed that here in this article they can get the possible information of Rs. 750 prize bond.

Those who are asking about the 750 prize bond lists are informed that here on this page the updated lists are published once after the final announcement of the authority. The current page is totally about the 750 prize bonds. However, we are not only limited to 750 prize bond schedule 2024, but users can also get complete and possible information about other prize bonds as well. For almost all the prize bonds separate sections or pages are designed. Users are advised to visit the homepage of prize bonds where they can find the complete list of all the dimensions of prize bonds. You are required to click on your selected prize bond and you will be directed towards the complete solution about which you are looking for. However, for any information that is not available on the given discussion feel free to contact us. Moreover, users who are having any trouble in the 750 prize bond result 2024 or have any other serious issues are recommended to contact the near nation saving centers.

How To Buy/Sell Rs. 750 Prize Bonds

Those who are asking that how to buy a prize bond and from where they can get prize bonds of Rs. 750 are informed that prize bonds are available in different places. For example, prize bonds are accessible through the national savings centers. These are also available on the authorized banks. Moreover, another simple way to get prize bonds is to get from the local but authorized dealers that can be available in your town or near your home. So, you can easily buy prize bonds from the place that suits you. We would also like to make the users aware of the fact that there are some scammers and frauds that can deceive you. So, you have to be careful while purchasing the prize bonds. Those who are not familiar with identifying the originality of prize bonds are suggested to visit the nation saving site where the experts have given the complete instructions regarding the originality of the prize bonds. Moreover, users can also find a mobile application on the play store that helps users to identify whether the prize bond is original or fake.

Users who are thinking that what to do with the bonds if they do not want to have them anymore are informed that they can resell the prize bonds whenever they want. Almost all the centers from where you can buy the prize bonds can also sell the prize bonds to them. We would like to share a helpful tip with you that if you have made several attempts through a particular number of the 750 prize bonds and could not get any benefit then you have to change the number of the prize bond. Moreover, you can also sell the prize bond or replace it with any other dimension.

How Can We Win The Rs. 750 Prize Bonds?

If you are thinking that is there any specific criterion to win the 750 prize bond then you are thinking wrong. As we have discussed above that the prize bond scheme is a lottery. So, keep in mind that the lottery directly depends upon your fate or luck. You may or may not win the prize. However, some people can take the idea that what numbers are important for the lucky draws. But, they cannot give predictions about the exact number. So, do not think much about these things. You are recommended to buy the prize bond according to your available budget or needs and this is your luck that will make you rich overnight.

750 Prize Bond Schedule 2024

Like the previous years, in 2024 the lucky draw for the Rs. 750 prize bond will be held four times. Every draw is held after passing almost four months. For every single draw, specific locations are selected in Pakistan. During every single draw prize bond list 750 all are issued by the national saving centers. We invite all users for prize bond list 750 online check from this page. the result of every single draw is published here on time.

The Process To Claim The Rewards of Rs. 750 Prize Bonds

This another most important debate that what to do if the user will win the prize bond or what is the process to claim the rewards of the Rs. Prize bonds. Well, the process to claim your reward is as simple as buying a prize bond from a national saving center. You are, first of all, informed that the validity of your prize bond is almost 6 years. After draw of the prize bond, you are allowed to claim your reward within the 06 years. However, while claiming your reward you will be required to get a claim form and to fill it accurately. The user or winner will attach a copy of the national identity card and a copy and the original prize bond along with the claim form. Once after submission, the award will be claimed with 3 to 4 working days. Users can submit the claim form to any national saving center or the designated branches of the commercial banks near them.

A Brief Introduction To The National Prize Bond Scheme

For all our dearest users, we have also given a brief introduction about the national prize bond scheme that what the scheme actually is, and when the scheme was organized. After the partition of Pakistan, the government of Pakistan had introduced this scheme in 1960 and offered a prize bond of Rs. 10. The purpose behind organizing this scheme is to offer citizens the prize bond in a cheap amount and to offer then heavy cash prizes through the lucky draws. The government of Pakistan is earning billions of rupees through this scheme and in return facilitating the lucky winners with the heavy amount that can make them richer overnight. In this way, this scheme is contributing a lot to the economy of the country as well. In the beginning time, the scheme was limited. However, today we can find the prize bonds from Rs 100 to the premium prize bonds of Rs. 40,000. The prize bond rewards or prizes are also specified according to the type or dimension of the prize bonds.

FAQs About 750 Prize Bonds

How I Can Check 750 Prize Bond Result?

Candidates can attend the ceremony of prize bond draw 750 personally by visiting the national center where it is going to be announced or draw. However, the easiest way to check the 750 prize bond list or result is to check it online. Users can easily find all results here on this page.

What Are The Cash Prize Of 750 Prize Bond?

The first prize of Rs. 750 prize bond is 1,500,000 and the first prize is only offered to one person. For the second prize, 03 persons are selected and each of them is awarded a 250,000 cash amount. However, the third prize is comprised of 9,300 cash and 1696 users can receive the third prize of Rs. 750 prize bond.

Can I Buy 750 Prize Bond Online?

Of course not. Users cannot buy Rs. 750 prize bond online. In fact, no prize bond is available to buy online. Users can get the 750 prize bond only from the national saving centers, the chosen branches of the commercial banks in Pakistan, and from other local authorized dealers.

750 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 of Rs. 750 Bonds

Bond Price Draw # Draw Date Draw City
Rs. 750 90 15 April 2024 Karachi
Rs. 750 91 15 July 2024 Lahore
Rs. 750 92 15 October 2024 Quetta


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