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Updated 15-March-023
Attention all candidates eagerly waiting for the 200 Prize Bond Result 2023! The long wait is finally over as the 200 draw list for the year 2023 was held in Faisalabad on March 15, 2023 and the authorities have now released the much-awaited 200 Prize Bond Result 2023. We know how important this result is to you, and we are thrilled to announce that the first prize winner will be receiving a whopping 750,000 PKR, the second prize winner will be awarded 250,000 PKR and the third prize winner will be awarded 1,250 PKR. This is a significant achievement and we congratulate the winners on their success.

Prize No.

Bond No.

Prize Amount

1st Prize



2nd Prize

390773, 123222, 573321, 793801, 173253,



All the users who have bought the prize bond of Rs. 200 and are looking for the updates of the prize bond result 200 are invited by the team of Ilmkidunya to check all the updates here. A prize bond is a golden investment that does not charge anything from you and offers you the chance to become rich overnight. The trend of using prize bonds in Pakistan is high. Most of the people try to assess their luck and many of them are also getting benefited with this scheme. Those who want to check all the upcoming results of the prize of Rs. 200 are suggested to keep in touch with us throughout the year to have a single update of the prize bond result or schedule.


Get All Updates On Rs. 200 Prize Bonds

Here we come with the complete solution of the prize bonds. For example, users are offered the complete schedule that when a prize bond will be drawn, what is the price ranges of a particular bond, where users can check the results or draw, how they can claim the rewards, and all other information is published here that a single user wants to know. For almost all types of prize bonds, separate pages or sections are designed here. The current page is specially designed for the prize bond of Rs. 200 and from today 200 prize bond list 2022 to other prize bond list 200 all are published here on time. In simple, we can say that you can get the complete solution of prize bonds under a single domain.

In case users have any questions related to the prize bond of Rs. 200 they can contact us without any hesitation and their questions will be answered as soon as possible. Moreover, if there is any user who has any serious issues related to the Rs. 200 prize bond results or schedules he or she is advised to contact the national saving center near their houses. You all are also requested to share this helpful platform with your friends and acquaintances who are waiting for the prize bond draw 200.

How To Buy And Sell Rs. 200 Prize Bonds

Prize bond users who are engaged with this scheme for a long time ago are quite familiar with the things that how to buy prize bond, what is the better or safest place to buy prize bond, what prize bond is the best option to buy for them, and where they can sell the prize bonds, etc. But the problem is with the new users. New users are not familiar with these ideas. Well, if you are a new user and want to know such things then we come with a complete solution for you.

First of all, users are informed that the prize bonds are available on the national saving centers or some chosen branches of the commercial banks. Moreover, today we can also get the prize bonds from the local but authorized dealers who are available in many shops. So, you are advised to buy the prize bonds from a place that is suitable for you. We know that users also face some fraudulent activities while buying or selling the prize bonds. You are informed that you may also be stuck in such a situation. Well, we do not mean to make you afraid. But, we are trying to make you aware of the frauds. The best suggestion we would like to give you is that you have to follow the instructions offered by the national saving centers on its official website. By following these instructions one can easily get the idea that what prize bond is original and what prize bond is fake. Moreover, we would also like to share another helpful idea with the users that today a mobile application is available on the play store that helps you identify whether the prize bond is fake or original. So, keep these ideas in mind to avoid any harm.

Some users also ask the question that can they buy Rs. 200 prize bonds online. You are informed that no prize bond is available online to buy. If someone offers you to buy Rs. 200 prize bonds online or any other prize bond online then beware of them and never send them money.

Users who have tried a prize bond several times and have never obtained any benefit from this then they are recommended to change the number of the prize bonds. Although, some users do not want to use the prize bonds anymore. For both of the users, the better suggestion is to sell the prize bonds. You can sell your prize bonds to the places from where you have purchased them.

How To Win Rs. 200 Prize Bonds

Most of the users have a question in mind that how to win the Rs. 200 prize bond. On every single 200 prize bond schedule 2022 the wish of every single user to win the numbers. Most of the users also believe in some baseless facts that there are some tricks to win the prize bonds. Users are informed that there are no such tricks to win the prize bonds. Some people may get the idea that what numbers can be nominated but they cannot give the exact calculation. So, the question is that how to win the prize bond from the coming 200 prize bond result 2022?

Users are informed that it is a lottery and the success in the lottery directly depends upon your fate or luck and there is no other option you think can be the reason for success for you. We wish you all the best of luck for your success in the coming draw of Rs. 200 prize bonds.

What Is The Process To Check 200 Bonds Draw

The process to check the prize bond result 200 is quite simple. The authorized departments share a list of the results of the particular prize bond on the day of its draw. This list is available on the official site of the authorities. By comparing the number on your bonds to the number issued in the list one can easily check the draw of the bonds. Users are informed that here on this page they can also get the complete list for all the coming prize bod 200 results. Users have to keep an idea in mind that for every single bond almost 4 draws are done in a year. So, you have almost 04 chances to win the prize bond throughout the year. If you have purchased the bonds and decided to assess your luck then never give up and have a firm belief that you will win your numbers.


What To Do When Winning The Prize Bond

This is another common question from users’ side that what to do if they win the prize bond. Users are informed that the claiming process is as simple as other processes or the national prize bond scheme are. First of all, you have to keep an idea about the validity of your prize bond. Once after winning the prize bond, you are allowed to claim your money within almost 06 years. Now, we would like to come towards the claiming process. To claim your money you have to fill a claim form that is available at any national savings centers. Winners are required to attach a copy of the national identity card and the original prize bond along with the claim form. It has seen that the award is claimed within 03 to 04 working days of your application.

An Introduction To National Prize Bond Scheme

Users are also offered a general introduction about the National prize bond scheme that what actually it is. Users have to keep an idea in mind that this is the scheme that had been introduced in Pakistan in 1960. At the time of its launch, there was only one prize bond option is available which is Rs. 10. With the passage of time, the trend was getting grown and today there are almost 09 options of the prize bonds are available. Any Pakistani national can buy the national prize bond and can participate in the draws. With the help of this scheme, the government of Pakistan is earning billions of rupees on annual basis. Moreover, the government is offering chances to the citizens to get heavy cash prizes under the little investment.


FAQs About Rs. 200 Prize Bond

What Is The Prize Of Rs. 200 Prize Bond?

The first prize of the prize bond of Rs. 200 is 750,000. Only one person is selected for the first prize. For the second prize, 5 persons are chosen and the value of the second prize is 250,000. The value of the third prize is 1250 and almost 2394 persons are selected for the third prize.

How To Check Rs. 200 Prize Bond Number?

The concerned departments will issue the 200 prize bond list by which the result can easily be found. However, users can also find these lists here on this page.

How Much Is Tax Deduction On Rs. 200 Prize Bond?

Users who are tax filers have to pay 15% tax of the total amount. However, users with the status of non-filer pay almost 20% tax.

200 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2023 of Rs. 200 Bonds

Bond Price Draw # Draw Date Draw City
Rs. 200 89 15 March 2023 Lahore
Rs. 200 90 15 June 2023 Multan
Rs. 200 91 15 September 2023 Hyderabad
Rs. 200 92 15 December 2023 Faisalabad

Prize No.

Bond No.

Prize Amount

1st Prize



2nd Prize

577197, 709992, 979874



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