Out of the 09 dimensions of the national prize bonds, the prize bond of Rs. 100 is the one. Users who are having the prize bond of Rs. 100 and are waiting for the prize bond result 100 are invited to join us today to get the complete updates of the Rs. 100 prize bonds throughout the year. Prize bonds are considered the lottery that can make the lucky people rich overnight. However, the users of the prize bond with the worth of 100 rupees can get the complete details of the prize bond results or schedule and all other information they want to know.

Check All The Latest Updates On Rs. 100 Prize Bonds

We the team of Ilmkidunya get all the information related to the 100 prize bond schedule 2022 from authentic resources such as the national saving centers or the authorized banks or dealers and publish all the information here on time.  For almost all the prize bonds separate sections or pages are designed here on this website. However, this page is specified for the prize bond of Rs. 100. Candidates or users can get the complete details that when the prize bond of Rs. 100 is drawn, in how many times a year it is drawn, what is the reward of this prize bond, how one can claim the award, and all other possible information from time to time.

However, if users have any queries that are not discussed here, then they can freely ask us and their questions will be answered on time. Moreover, in case of any serious issues regarding the 100 prize bond result 2022, you are advised to contact the national saving centers or any of the authorized banks.

Buy and Sell Rs. 100 Prize Bonds

People or users who are engaged with this activity are quite familiar with the things that how to buy prize bonds and where to buy prize bonds, etc. But for the new users, it has always been a serious issue that from where to buy the prize bonds. Users are informed that to buy a prize bond 100 is not a big deal. Users can contact the national savings centers and they can easily buy prize bonds there. However, users can also get the prize bonds from the designated branches of some commercial banks running in Pakistan. Users from all over the country can buy prize bonds.

Another issue that comes with the new prize bond users is that they get worried about fraudulent activities. Users are informed that fake bonds are also available in the market. But, do not be worried at all because we also come with the solution to this problem. From the official site of the national saving center, you can get complete instructions that how to check a bond is original or fake. Moreover, for the convenience of users, a mobile application has also been launched that scans the prize bonds and tells users whether it is original or fake. Users also ask that can they buy prize bonds online or not. Well, users are informed that there is no such policy or phenomenon has introduced yet by following which you can buy online prize bonds. However, users are provided the option of the prize bond list 100 online check. So, beware if someone offers you to buy online prize bonds.

Where users can buy prize bonds, at the same time, they also have the opportunity to sell the bonds that they do not want to have anymore. Users have to keep an idea in mind that there is no expiry date for the prize bonds. You can keep the prize bonds until the time you want to have them. Keep checking prize bond draw 100. If you win a number then it is good. However, if you attempted several times and haven’t won the number then you can change the prize bond or can sell the prize bond.

Is There Any Trick To Win The Rs. 100 Prize Bond

This is nothing but a myth that people can have the tricks to win the prize bonds. It is true that some people, based on their previous experiences and some other hints, can take the idea that what number is possible to be nominated. But, the exact idea that a particular number can be voted for the first prize, second prize, and third prize is not possible. It totally depends upon the fortune or luck of the users. You are also recommended to keep yourself away from such beliefs.

This Is How You Can Claim Your Rs. 100 Prize Bond

This is another basic question asked by the users that what to do if they win the prize or how they can claim the winning prize. Well, like all other procedures of the national prize bond scheme, the process of claiming the award is also simple. First of all, you are informed that in case you win the prize bond of Rs. 100 you can claim your reward within the 06 years after the prize bond result 100. However, the process to claim the reward is that you will contact the national saving centers. They will provide you a claim form or application. You are required to fill all the necessary or required spaces in the claim form. Attach the copy of your national identity card, a copy of the prize bond, and the original prize bond to the claim form and submit it to the national savings centers near you. Your reward will be claimed within 3 to 4 working days.

What Is The Process To Draw Rs. 100 Prize Bonds?

Like all other prize bonds, the prize bond of Rs. 100 is also drawn quarterly. Normally, prize bond draw 100 is held almost 04 times a year. Some major cities of Pakistan are allocated for this purpose to draw the prize bonds. Users can get the opportunity to attend the bond draw ceremony in person or they can also have the opportunity to check prize bond list 100 all online. The better and the recommended way is to check online that can be done from your home. We the team of Ilmkidunya do not provide users the updates of draws or results but offer users the option of prize bond list 100 online check. Users who are waiting for today 100 prize bond list 2022 or the coming prize bond list 2022 are offered the best wishes and, at the same time, they are suggested to keep visiting us for every single update.

What The National Prize Bond Scheme Is?

Users are also offered a brief introduction that what the national prize bond scheme is. Users have to keep an idea in mind that the scheme was first launched in the sub-continent before the separation of it. Well, when Pakistan came into existence the prize bond scheme was properly launched under the act by the government of Pakistan in 1960. In the beginning time, the scheme was launched with a prize bond of Rs. 10. With the passage of time the scheme got extended and the dimensions or the prize bonds were also extended. Today, almost 09 dimensions of prize bonds are available in the markets. These prize bond types or dimensions are included on Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, Rs. 40,000, and Rs. 40,000 premium bonds.

Users are allowed to buy any bond they want to buy. Any users with a Pakistani identity card are allowed to buy the national prize bond and can take part in the prize bond draws. The purpose behind this scheme is to borrow money from the masses at the cheapest rate and offer then heavy amount prizes. Although, from this scheme, both the government and individuals are getting benefited. The government of Pakistan is earning billions of rupees from this scheme and the individuals or citizens are winning a huge amount of money within a very short investment. You are recommended to buy whatever prize bond you want to buy according to your available budget or according to your needs.

FAQs About Prize Bond of Rs. 100

How To Check Rs. 100 Pried Bond?

On the day of draw the prize bond list, 100 is officially issued by the national savings centers. By matching the number of your prize bond to the numbers available in the lists you can easily check Rs. 100 prize bond. Users are recommended to get the complete list of the results from this page at the time of announcements.

What Is The Reward Or Prize Of The Prize Bond Of Rs. 100?

Like all other prize bonds, there are three rewards are offered to the prize bond of Rs. 100. The first prize of Rs. 100 prize bond is 700,000. Only one candidate is nominated for the first prize. The second prize is 200,000. Two candidates or numbers are nominated for the second prize. The value of the third prize is 1000. 1199 candidates are nominated for the third prize.

How much tax is deducted?

The winners who are filers are asked to pay 15% tax. Moreover, the winners without filer’s title have to pay 20% tax.

100 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 of Rs. 100 Bonds

Bond Price Draw # Draw Date Draw City
Rs. 100 37 15 February 2022 Hyderabad
Rs. 100 38 16 May 2022 Faisalabad
Rs. 100 39 15 August 2022 Muzaffarabad
Rs. 100 40 15 November 2022 Rawalpindi


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