Question # 1

Three men (Tahir, Pervaiz and Javed) and three women (Elena, Ayesha and Kiran) are spending a few months at Abbottabad. They are to stay in a row of nine cottages, each on living in his or her own cottage. There are no others staying in the same row of cottages.

1. Ayesha, Tahir and Javed do not want to stay in any cottage, which is at the end of the row.

2. Elena and Ayesha ar unwilling to stay besides my occupied cottage.

3. Kiran is next to Pervaiz and Javed.

4. Between Ayesha and Javed’s cottage there is just one vacant house.

5. None of the girls occupies adjacent cottages.

6. The house occupied by Tahir is next to an end cottage.

Q: Which of the above statements can be said to have been derived from two other statement?

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