GAT-C Agriculture, Veterinary, Biological & Related Science Analytical MCQs With Answers

Question # 1
During practice matches,before a major tournament,in a football ground,one team can practice at a time.There are seven teams-- the Argentine,the Brazil the Senegal,the Dubai,the England,the France and the Germany,The football ground is open seven evenings a week from Monday to Sunday (Sunday being considered the last day of the week),and the allocation of the practice times is governed by the following rules:i.On any evening only one team can play.ii.The Argentine must practice on Monday.iii.The Dubai practice exactly one day before the France practice.iv,The France practice exactly one day before the Germany practice.v.The Senegal and the Brazil must practice earlier in the week than the England.Q-If the Germany practice on Thursday,the England and the Dubai must practice on which days,respectively?

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