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But I do recommend some game as a part of recreation. As long as I could see to play and sufficient tennis, I enjoyed immensely the game of real or court skill, a very ancient game, requiring activates as well as some pride, because for the first time, at any rate in the recent history of the game, an amateur is champion of the sometimes criticized for paying too much attention to games. Football is a national game of America as well as in England but I do not suppose that either you or we think that our soldiers fought any worse in the war of having been fond of football. I put games definitely as a desirable part of recreation, and I would say: have one or more games of which you are fond, but let them have any rate in youth be activity of the whole body, as well as skill,

Sport shall be mentioned next. I have had a liking for more than one form of sport, but an actual passion for salmon and trout fishing. Salmon fishing, as I have enjoyed it, fishing not from a boat but from one’s feet, either on the bank or wading deep in the stream, is a glorious and sustained exercise for the whole body, as well as being an exciting-sport; but many of my friends do not care for it. To them, I say, as one who was fond of George Meredith’s Novels once said to be man who complained that he should not read them, ‘why should you?’ if you do not care for fishing, do not fish. Why should you? But if we are to be one equal term and you are be one the same happy level as I hav3e been, then find something for yourself which you like as much as I like fishing.

Salmon fishing is:

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