Question # 1
Herschel was a Great Dane, which was a big dog. He was actually a puppy, but he was big enough that he looked like a full-size dog, He was bigger than Todd, his owner. The problem with Herschel was that he wasn't housebroken yet. He was six months old, but his original owner had kept him on a porch, where he could go to the bathroom whenever he wanted. That owner hadn't had a lot of time to take care of a dog, but he'd wanted one anyway. When he'd moved to another state for work, he'd given up his untrained puppy. It was sad story, but it looked like it might have a good end. Todd loved dogs, and he liked to spend time with them. He liked to train them, so he'd adopted Herschel. If it was going to work out, it would take lots of patience, love,and training.So, Todd woke up early every day. He walked Herschel immediately. They went for a long walk so Herschel could empty his bladder and use the bathroom. White Todd was at school, his mother let the dog out in the back yard every hour.When he returned home, Todd walked Herschel again. He'd put in another walk before they went to bed, too. With enough opportunities to go to the bathroom outside. Herschel didn't need to go inside. Still, he had accidents. He wasn't used to going only outside. It took a lot of patience to clean up his messes. but Todd did it anyway. Dedication was needed with an animal.They walked an walked every day, and Herschel started walking better on a leash. He respected his owner. They got along well together, and there were less and less messes inside. After several weeks, Herschel made it through a day without any trouble.Todd gave Herschel a hug and a special treat.Then, they went for another walk. It was great exercise for both of them,and it gave them time together. Todd hoped they would have many years together. His new friend meant a lot to him.
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