Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
05-Jun-24 Pakistan Army, Sargodha 1 Jobs 05-Jun-24 View
31-May-24 Combined Military Hospital CMH, Sargodha 2 Jobs 31-May-24 View
29-May-24 University of Sargodha, Sargodha 12 Jobs 29-May-24 View
23-May-24 CMH Cantt, Sargodha 2 Jobs 23-May-24 View
28-Apr-24 Niazi Medical Complex, Sargodha 31 Jobs 28-Apr-24 View
22-Apr-24 Energy Department Govt of the Punjab, Sargodha 1 Jobs 22-Apr-24 View
03-Apr-24 Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA), Sargodha 2 Jobs 03-Apr-24 View
03-Apr-24 Government Company, Sargodha 66 Jobs 03-Apr-24 View
03-Mar-24 The University of Lahore (UOL), Sargodha 1 Jobs 03-Mar-24 View
26-Feb-24 PAF College Sargodha, Sargodha 10 Jobs 26-Feb-24 View
15-Feb-24 Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Sargodha 3 Jobs 15-Feb-24 View
15-Nov-23 Central Ordnance Depot, Sargodha 9 Jobs 15-Nov-23 View
13-Oct-23 Punjab Police, Sargodha 32 Jobs 13-Oct-23 View
18-Jun-23 Pak Pakistan, Sargodha 21 Jobs 18-Jun-23 View
29-May-24 University of Sargodha, Sargodha 1 Jobs 29-May-24 View
18-Jun-23 Pak Pakistan, Sargodha 3 Jobs 18-Jun-23 View

Jobs in Sargodha

Sargodha is one of the well-known cities in Pakistan. The city comes under Punjab province. Sargodha has a diverse economy and is famous for its agriculture system. There are number of educational institutes in Sargodha that help student in their career. Applicants who are finding jobs in Sargodha are informed that there are number of job opportunities in many sectors of Sargodha. If you desire to get the latest jobs in Sargodha in the government sector, then you can apply to the government organization for various positions.

 You can also apply in the private sector such as the health care sector, educational sector, agriculture sector, manufacturing sector, trade and services, etc. We have covered the entire information regarding the new jobs in Sargodha. The information will help you in finding the job easily.

Government Jobs in Sargodha

Here, we will quickly explore the types of govt jobs in Sargodha that are accessible. The jobs can be found in the table below. We have also included the procedure to apply for them. So, we are providing an easy-to-understand summary of the Sargodha job market, emphasizing the importance of government jobs in Sargodha.

  • First of all, draw your attention to the in govt jobs in Sargodha websites, where government job opportunities are routinely available to the applicants. If there are any specific Sargodha-related websites available, bookmark them for future use.
  • Check out various job opportunities and get information from Sargodha Government Jobs portals to check out the hiring processes. It will help you find a job.
  • It is essential to recognize the various departments of Sargodha, Pakistan that fall within the government sector. To apply for government employment in the city, keep an eye on the education, health, and other departments.

Here we have mentioned some of the Government sectors in which an individual can apply.


Education Department Jobs


Health Department Jobs


Agriculture Department Jobs


Local Government and Municipal Administration Jobs


Police Department Jobs


Revenue Department Jobs


Irrigation Department Jobs


Forest Department Jobs


Public Works Department Jobs

Jobs of Private Sectors in Sargodha

To find private jobs in Sargodha today, you can use various job search platforms. Numerous organizations provide private jobs in Sargodha city for a variety of roles. Before applying, make sure you have all of the necessary qualifications and are a suitable fit for the relevant private jobs in Sargodha. Before applying for any private positions, update your resume and send it to the companies you choose to apply to. Applicants can apply for office jobs in Sargodha in private companies if they want. Moreover, to create an attractive LinkedIn profile and interact with companies directly, update your profile with current and past experiences.

Part-Time Jobs in Sargodha

All the job seekers who are looking for part-time jobs in Sargodha should keep in mind that the city offers numerous alternatives. If you are a student looking for a part-time job, continue to visit different jobs platforms. Part-time jobs in Sargodha are accessible in a variety of industries. Agriculture is one of the most popular fields for part-time employment in Sargodha. Part-time positions are available at numerous nearby markets and shopping centers.
Furthermore, persons who can only work from home or their office and do not have time to travel outside would be ideal candidates for online part-time employment in Sargodha. These careers may be very appealing to people.

There are various part time jobs in Sargodha. Examine several job postings by visiting the official websites of companies, internet job boards, or the local newspaper. Use social media platforms like LinkedIn to make connections with people in your area. This will help you find part-time jobs in Sargodha. While working in Sargodha, you can also look into opportunities in industries such as retail, hospitality, and freelancing that match your interests and skills.

Jobs for Females in Sargodha

It is impossible to diminish the importance of female jobs in Sargodha. It provides equal opportunity, diversity, creativity, economic progress, and women's financial and social empowerment. Furthermore, jobs in Sargodha for female 2024 will help to dismantle established gender roles, resulting in more diverse communities.
As a result, there are numerous female jobs in Sargodha in various fields. Females can apply for a variety of jobs, including private and government sectors. In the private sector, you can work for:

  • Clinics
  • Educational institutions
  • Healthcare centers
  • Software firms and so on

Furthermore, there are a variety of government work opportunities available for women. Female jobs in Sargodha can be simply obtained the jobs through job portals.

Jobs of Education Departments in Sargodha

The city of Sargodha is well-known throughout Pakistan. It offers a variety of opportunities for individuals who desire to pursue successful professions. Sargodha has a strong educational infrastructure and is home to various colleges, universities, and schools that are constantly looking for devoted and skilled instructors to shape the brains of the next generation. There are number of teaching jobs in Sargodha available for the candidates. Teaching opportunities in Sargodha are accessible across a wide range of academic fields. A lot of job portals provide home tuition jobs in Sargodha. You can also apply for this.

Jobs in the Sargodha Education Department

Sargodha has a wide range of educational institutions. The jobs in education department Sargodha can be found easily. Female teachers in Sargodha can find lecturer jobs in Sargodha University for their desired subjects. Male teachers can also find plenty of chances in Sargodha. Keep an eye on job websites to apply for academy jobs in Sargodha Pakistan. They will aid you in finding the position you are looking for.
Jobs for Students in Sargodha

Applicants looking for jobs for students in Sargodha should be aware that there are several options for both part-time and full-time employment in Sargodha. Every organization demands a unique set of abilities, experience, and knowledge for each position. Some jobs are listed here for your convenience. For your knowledge, we have provided a table below that lists middle pass jobs in Sargodha.

Jobs after Matric 

Jobs after Intermediate

Office Assistant

Banking Jobs

Sales Assistant

Government Jobs

Data Entry Operator

Insurance Sector

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Retail Sector

Security Guard

Call Center Jobs


Freelancing jobs

Assistant in Small Businesses

Medical and Paramedical Courses

Event Staff

Marketing and Sales

Online Jobs in Sargodha

Applicants looking for online jobs in sargodha are taught that they are useful to everyone. Individuals can apply for the call center jobs in Sargodha that can be found online by searching different platforms. There are several advantages to working online jobs from home. Some of the benefits are listed here for your convenience. You will understand how they will assist you in your task by attentively reading them.

Benefits of Applying for Online Jobs

It is important to mention that online jobs allow you to schedule your time more freely and frequently. You do not need to be restricted in your work. You can plan your timetable while sitting at home. You can save time by working from home. Employees who locate online jobs can save money. You are not required to pay for transport in the online jobs. It also provides a varied range of opportunities. You have the opportunity to cooperate with global companies.

In addition, online employment allows you to work at your desired time. So, keep visiting the job portals to search for your desired position.

Jobs of Health Department in Sargodha

Sargodha has a large number of work options in the medical and health departments. The individuals who have done their medical studies can apply for health department jobs in Sargodha. Each city's main department is a healthcare center. This page helps to provide a general overview of medical employment in Sargodha. Applicants with a BDS or MBBS degree can apply for jobs in civil hospital Sargodha.  The importance of Medical rep jobs in Sargodha is growing as healthcare facilities expand rapidly.