Top 10 largest banks in Pakistan that offer great banking jobs opportunities in Pakistan

  • 02-Apr-2019

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Pakistan has variety of banks according to functions including commercial banks, developmental banks, Co-operative banks, Specialized banks, Islamic Banks, Investment Banks, Exchange banks, Industrial Banks, Micro-Finance Banks etc. and most prominent than all others; Central Bank i.e. State Bank of Pakistan. These all offer several jobs every year according to their needs and functions.

Job Opportunities in State Bank of Pakistan:

State Bank is the Central bank. Other banks need to get license from State Bank to get legalized. Every year (particularly in March), State Bank of Pakistan offers four types of job opportunities:

i. SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP-BSC):calls for careers from all over Pakistan. Anyone who has passed 14-year education (BA, BSc, B. Com) can apply if under age 24.

ii. State Bank Officers Training Scheme (SBOTS): Anyone who has passed 16 years education in the disciplines of BBA, Public Administration, Economics, Commerce, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems & Technology, Mathematics, HR and Agriculture can apply for this job. Age should not be more than 26..

iii. National Institute of Banking and finance: It is a subsidiary of State bank which announces 6 weeks paid internship of about Rs. 15000/ month. Those students are eligible who have completed at least 2 years out of 4 years in bachelors program. Only candidates registered in business-related disciplines (BBA, Accounting, Mathematics, Agriculture, Finance, Statistics etc. can apply.

iv. Economic Analysts Training Scheme: This scheme calls for the candidates who have passed 16 years education with 60% marks or more, in the discipline of Economics only. In all of these opportunities, the selected candidates are gone through a paid internship in Islamabad. After completion of training, they are posted in any perspective branch of State Bank with higher salaries and packages. Other opportunities which State Bank offer are:

  1. Executive Secretaries
  2. Chief Security Officer
  3. Researcher
  4. SBP Young Professionals Induction Program.

Job Opportunities in Habib Bank Limited:

Habib Bank is the largest bank of private sector in Pakistan in respect to its wide network of 1,750 branches. Habib Bank announces several vacancies which include:

  1. Cash Officers
  2. Crop Insurance Loan Manager
  3. Credit Administration Officer
  4. Technology Associate
  5. Trade Officers
  6. Officer COPC
  7. Manager Trade
  8. Analyst
  9. Legal Counsel
  10. Manager Advanced Analysts
  11. Agricultural Finance Officer
  12. Branch Operations Manager
  13. Relationship Manager
  14. Credit Hub Manager
  15. Product development Engineer

Habib Bank also calls for internship opportunities every year named “HBL Internship Program” Keep seeing Habib Bank website to apply for opportunities every month.

Job Opportunities in National Bank of Pakistan:

National bank is the government bank of Pakistan having more than 1,400 branches in Pakistan offering many opportunities every year which include:

  1. NBP Cash Officer
  2. Trainee Officer
  3. General Banking Officer
  4. Agriculture Field Officer
  5. Locker
  6. Retail Marketing Officers

National Bank has quota system for the children of its deceased employs. It offers excellent opportunities with a good salary package. It prefers the experienced candidates and the selected candidates are trained before starting job there.

Job Opportunities in Micro-Finance Banks:

The determination of a Microfinance bank is to offer financial services (loan) to individuals to set up their small business/ fields/ trade etc. so that Poverty Reduction Strategy could be applied. So, there are many banks such as Khushhali Microfinance Bank, Telenor Microfinance Bank, Mobilink Microfinance bank etc. these banks offer amazing career opportunities every year, some of them are given below:

  1. Relationship Manager
  2. Business Development Officer
  3. Loan Officer (General Loan)
  4. Loan Officer (Micro small and Medium Enterprises MSME)
  5. SOC Analyst
  6. Fraud Monitoring Officer
  7. Business Intelligence- Lead
  8. Product Manager
  9. Executive Manager
  10. HR Business Partner
  11. Database Architect
  12. Assistant Manager

Job Opportunities in Allied Bank Limited

Allied Bank is one of the commercial banks with more than 1,250 branches. Its head quarter is in Lahore and it is the first Islamic bank which was established before the liberation of Pakistan. It is one of the largest great opportunities offering bank. The job opportunities which it offers are given below:

  1. Management Trainee Officers (MTOs)
  2. Tellers
  3. Management Trainee Auditors
  4. Business Development Officer
  5. Banking Services Officer
  6. Branch Manager
  7. Information Security Manager

Job Opportunities in United Bank Limited

United Bank Limited (UBL) is one of the largest commercial private sector banks of Pakistan having a network of over 1390 branches across Pakistan. It is based in Karachi. It offers great banking jobs such as:

  1. Branch Manager
  2. Digital Advisor
  3. Sales Manager
  4. Oracle forms Developer
  5. Java developer

Job Opportunities in Meezan Bank

Meezan bank is an Islamic commercial bank based in Karachi, Pakistan which holds 660 branches in 159+ cities of Pakistan. Meezan is first Islamic Commercial bank which got license from State Bank of Pakistan. It has subsidiaries named Staff provident fund, Al-Meezan Investment Management Limited. It also offers internet banking. Its quality function has rewarded it many awards in Pakistan till now. The good opportunities it offers with a good salary every year are given below:

  1. Compliance Analyst
  2. Branch Services Officer (Cashier)
  3. Group Head
  4. Manager Finance
  5. Relationship officer
  6. Area Manager

Job Opportunities in MCB

Muslim Commercial Bank is one of the largest banks having more than 1435 branches in Pakistan. It was founded in 1947. Its headquarter is in Lahore, Pakistan. Every year it offers 3 types of career building opportunities.

  1. Trainee Business Officer Program
  2. Management Trainee Program
  3. Summer Internship Program

Besides this, it offers job opportunities in the following vacancies:

  1. Credit Officer
  2. Relationship manager
  3. Trade Officer
  4. Branch Operation Managers
  5. Branch Managers

Job Opportunities in Bank Alfalah

Bank Alfalah is also a large private bank of Pakistan owned by Abu Dhabi Group. It has 600+ branches in Pakistan and its headquarter is in Karachi. It was founded in 1997 and it has about 7 subsidiaries. It offers Front Line Trainee Program and great opportunities every year which consist of these positions:

  1. Associate Relationship Manager
  2. Counter Services Officer
  3. Relationship Executive
  4. Relationship Manager
  5. Branch Manager
  6. Cash Officers

Job Opportunities in First Women Bank Limited

FWBL is one of the commercial banks and was established in 1989 by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It is located in Karachi and it was built specially to meet women needs. It has a network of 42 branches in 24 cities of Pakistan. It offers many career opportunities (given below) to candidates of all over Pakistan and women are preferred for the posts.

  1. Head HR
  2. Head Consumer Business
  3. Branch Managers
  4. Branch Operation Officers/ Supervisors
  5. Branch Operation Manager
  6. Credit Officer
  7. Universal Teller
  8. CAD Officer
  9. ADC Product Officer
  10. Marketing Officer

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