Posted On Department / Company Jobs Last Date Details
08-Mar-23 Meezan Bank, Karachi 1 Jobs 09-Mar-23 View
22-Aug-22 Meezan Bank, Karachi 1 Jobs 31-Aug-22 View
25-May-21 Meezan Bank, Lahore 5 Jobs 31-May-21 View
27-Jan-21 Meezan Bank, Karachi 1 Jobs 01-Feb-21 View
27-Jan-21 Meezan Bank, Karachi 1 Jobs 01-Feb-21 View
23-Jul-19 Meezan Bank, Lahore 10 Jobs N/A View
08-Dec-18 Meezan Bank, Multiple Cities 24 Jobs 13-Dec-18 View
04-Jun-18 Meezan Bank, Multiple Cities 2 Jobs 15-Jun-18 View
07-Nov-16 Meezan Bank, Lahore 0 Jobs N/A View

Meezan Bank is one of the largest banks of Pakistan Announced Houndered of Jobs in Pakistan and all cities where they have their branches. The bank has distinction of having 550+ branches in Pakistan and providing best Islamic banking services in the country. Islamic financial system is extremely important for us as country have gained independence on the name of Islam. The bank has also been prominent in getting first license from State of Bank of Pakistan as an Islamic bank. The massive branching structures make easy for it tender various monetary to numerous clients and consumers in Pakistan. It has grabbed multiple awards for its quality services.

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