Indian, Pakistani Students from Oxford University, UK Issue Joint Statement for Peace

  • 04-Mar-2019

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Indian, Pakistani Students from Oxford University, UK Issue Joint Statement for Peace

Indian and Pakistani students from Oxford University, UK have issued a joint statement for peace, de escalation of violence and spreading of warmongering statements between India and Pakistan. Indian and Pakistani students from Oxford University have demonstrated solidarity amid rising tensions between the two countries. They showed up at Radcliffe Camera, Oxford on Saturday at 3.30 pm.

The joint statement issued by the students read, ‘We are a group of Pakistani and Indian students of Oxford University. We are intensely affected by the escalating tensions and approaching war between Indian and Pakistan. We condemn the act of terrorism in Pulwama, Kashmir on February 14, 2019 which took lives of 44 Indian soldiers; we castigate terrorism as a whole in all its forms. As individuals studying in abroad away from home India and Pakistan, we always gravitate towards each other because we share similarities and mutual cultural ties, this bond can’t be shared back home, the indo-Pak community in Oxford University is a kind of escape and comfort for us. But back home we are restricted by visas and politics. At present while sitting here together, we are observing the unfolding of events in a violent way and the direction towards the situations are heading are deeply concerning us. We request our fellow citizens of Pakistan and India living in home or abroad to show solidarity and spread peace. Avoid warmongering narrative and hate speech. We request our leaders and politicians to engage in constructive talks and initiate dialogues to resolve issues. We condemn the media of both countries for spreading hatred and violence. We refuse to hate each other and we are resolute to stand by each other’.

Budget Cuts are Causing Financial Emergency in Pakistani Universities: Heads of Public Universities

A two day meeting was held at Higher Commission of Pakistan where rectors and university heads of Pakistan’s public universities were present. The meeting was held to explore solutions for the present financial crises faced by public universities of Pakistan. They rectors and heads put their stance in front of HEC officials stating that budget cuts are causing financial emergency in Universities since last three years which also disturbs academic activities.

Dr. Masoom Yasinzai who is Chairman of Vice Chancellors Committee said that public higher education sector of Pakistan is facing deficit of Rs. 26.9 billion. He urged the present government to eliminate this deficit and expand the budget as they are keen supporters of developing higher education of Pakistan. The rectors and VC’s expressed the universities budget is low to accommodate the increasing number of enrollments (Get Admissions Details in Pakistani Universities and Colleges Here). The cause of this financial crisis according to them is legislated pay, pension increases and establishment of new university and as a result the quality of education is suffering. It is impossible to pay off employee incomes and monthly pensions.

The requested the current government to allocate Rs. 103.55 billion budget for year (2019-20). Chairman HEC Dr. Tariq Banuri attended the meeting and assured the VCs and University heads that their issues will be resolved.

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