Religion & Ethics Courses and Programs in Pakistan

Religion & Ethics Courses and Programs in Pakistan

Basically religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, the views of world, holy texts, holy places, beliefs, as well as the study of societal organization that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called "an order of existence".

Various religions might or might not feature different elements, ranging from the; divine, holy things, faith, a supernatural life or supernatural lives, a type of ultimacy and transcendence that would offer customs and power for the rest of life.

On the other hand the religious practices might comprises of rituals, sermons, memorial or worship, sacrifices, festivals, feasts, trances, initiations, funerary services, matrimonial services, meditation, prayer, music, art, dance or some other features of human culture.

The religions have holy histories and stories, which might be kept in sanctified scriptures, and symbols and holy places that target mostly to provide a meaning to life. The religions might contains symbolic stories, which are occasionally said by the followers to be true, that have the side objective of explaining the origin of life, the Universe as well as of the other things.

At academic level, religion and ethics is a course taught at every level including secondary and higher level. This subject is considered as the most important and the compulsory subject and taught at all government as well as private sector institutes.

The main objective of this subject is to develop ethical thinking and dialog abilities in response to the changing religious/non-religious diversity of cultural communities. This subject also helps the students a lot in understanding Muslims religion and practices.

Here on this page we have provided a complete guide of religion & ethics courses and programs in Pakistan for the students who wish to study this subject as their major or want to pursue degree in this field. 

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Green International University Lahore GIU
  • Private
  • 1+ Courses
  • +92 42 35459807-09
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Al Hamd Islamic University Quetta Campus
  • Private
  • 4+ Courses
  • 03-111-444-237
Multan Post Graduate College
  • Public
  • 1+ Courses
  • 061-5620942
University of Okara
  • Public
  • 3+ Courses
  • 044-2636060
Women University Swabi
  • Public
  • 2+ Courses
  • 92-938-224222-221138
Women University Mardan KPK
  • Public
  • 1+ Courses
  • 937 871 416
Alhamd Islamic University (Aiu) Quetta
  • N/A
  • 2+ Courses
  • +92 081-2301777,6,4,

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