The candidates generally feel confused while going for the suitable job option by which they can earn a good amount of money. Education is considered as the backbone while looking for job opportunities but there are many companies that hire employees depending upon their experience so if you have both then you are set to adjust in the job market. It requires a lot of hard work, effort, and luck to acquire a good job, one thing that matters the most during a job search is the resume that offers your first impression to the recruiter. It is a matter of fact that high education is the major key to achieve the goals but still you have to work on other things as well. There are a number of jobs in Pakistan for which the candidates can apply and some of the best paying jobs are listed down below.

Chartered Accountant

The chartered accountant is considered as one of the highest paying jobs in Pakistan. This job is also regarded as the best paying job that offers a number of other facilities to the candidates. The chartered accountant holds key positions in the financial departments of an organization such as Chief Accountant, Auditor, CFO, Financial Analyst, etc. Moreover, these jobs offer high salary packages that make them a suitable career to pursue. The salary also increases with the years of experience. The salary starts from Rs.75, 000 per month. The candidates can check the latest announced Chartered Accountants Jobs in Pakistan.

Chartered Accountant Job


In today’s world, the physician is the main need for the physical wellbeing of the people. There are various diseases treated by physicians and in order to become a good physician a lot of effort and hard work is required. After the completion of the degree and house job, the jobs are offered to the candidates with a good salary package. The candidates can also do specialization in the areas they are interested such as neurology, cardiology, and many others. The salary of the physician starts from 50,000 -70,000

HR Manager

HR Manager holds a significant position in the firm as it recruits the other employees. If the employees in the company are credible and talented and can perform m well they can boost a company’s performance as the success of the company is based on the employees. The main duty of the Human Resource (HR) manager is hiring, training, employee relations, compensation, career development, and compliance, etc for the completion of the various tasks so that the company can run smoothly. So you can consider starting a career in human resource management after the completion of a degree in the respective subject. The salary of HR Manager ranges from Rs.35, 000-150,000 per month.

IT professional

Now with the technological advancement in this era, almost everything is based on Information technology. IT is known as the rising sector due to which there are a number of IT jobs in Pakistan available for the candidates to which they can apply. There are various software houses working in major cities of Pakistan such as Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and many others. Furthermore, higher salary packages are offered to software engineers, web developers, android developers, IOS developers. The salary of IT professionals ranges from Rs.50, 000 to 500,000 per month.

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineering manufacture various products such as power-producing machines, power-using machines electric generators, internal combustion engines by using the different disciplines that include physics, engineering mathematics, as well as the scientific principle to design and manufacture different products. Like power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, etc. It is also considered one of the best and highly paid professions that the candidate can pursue. The salary of a mechanical engineer ranges from Rs.30, 000 to 225,000 per month.

Aviation Manager

Aviation manager is known as one of the highest paying jobs and also offers an attractive working environment. The duty of the aviation manager is to make certain the safety and navigation of the airline. To become an aviation manager a candidate needs to have a special kind of training and experience. The salary starts from Rs.150,000 per month.

Aviation Manager job

University Lecturers

The candidates having a higher education along with vast experience can become the lecturer in the university. The attractive salary packages are offered to the university lecturers depending upon their education and experience. In the education sector of Pakistan, there are a number of latest lectures jobs 2021 available in which the candidates can apply according to their specialized subjects. There are different ranks of teachers that determine their salary package. The salary ranges from Rs.30, 000-350,000 per month depending upon the rank in the university/college.

Nuclear Engineer

The main duty of the nuclear engineer is to research and develop the processes, and systems that can be used to take advantage of nuclear energy and radiation. Many nuclear engineers are struggling to find and explore industrial and medical uses for radioactive materials so the candidates that want to apply for this job must be skillful and research-based. The salary package for the job of nuclear engineer ranges from Rs. 80,000 to 250,000.

Audit Manager

The purpose of an audit Manager is to arrange and manage the audits by following the audit plans. The main duties include analyzing the process of audits, making recommendations on policies, and also checking that the organization fulfills international as well as governmental obligations of compliance. The salary package for this job ranges from Rs. 50,000 to 200,000.


The job of the pilot also offers good salary packages and the pilots have the responsibility of flying the airplane and dropping people at their destination safely. They have to undergo hard training to become professionals in their field. It is the highest-paid and pilots can join the government or private airlines as per their choice. The salary of a pilot is dependent on the experience, they can earn 3 lac or more.


The students study hard to get higher education so that they can pursue a good career however only a few of them acquire the top slots but there are also various other career options that the candidates can choose. Some of the good and high-paying jobs in Pakistan are mentioned above that can be acquired with extra effort and hard work. Alongside the academic background, skills are also important to get a good job. So if you are interested to acquire a high-paid job, then gain experience and work on your skills so that you can encounter good earning opportunities.

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