"This world is beautiful, but Jannah is much better. So prepare yourself for Jannah in this Ramadan".

Ramadan provides us annual training opportunity that is meant to fulfill the character building needs for the rest of the year. It gives us God fearing nature, patience, self control, self discipline, sense of responsibility, obedience and purification of soul.

First 10 days are for MERCY

Ramadan is meant for spiritual development by fasting, it is not expected to deprive our body from eating and drinking., a Muslim should recite Quran, Hadith and Zikr and should made sincere commitments to Allah and beg for his mercy. Therefore this stage one is for sincere confession to Allah that we are weak and sinful and that we desperately need His mercy

Second 10 days for Forgiveness

Now it’s the time to beg Allah for his forgiveness. For the sins we have done and rules we have beaked and for disobeying his commands.

Last 10 days for Freedom from Fire

Last 10 days of this month for us are to beg Allah for the freedom from fire, as it is the last of this Holy month, which will come after a year, we should praise Allah and Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW).


Fasting in Ramadan makes a man to accomplish good and avoid bad, it brings peace to body, mind and soul. Fasting in Ramadan is a unique opportunity to attain peace for heart and soul.

Ramadan, sensing Muslim unity

In this sacred month, all muslims fasts and they eat sehri and aftari. Say their prayers and thus, in this blessed month we can sense an increased feeling of unity and of being a single Ummah due to our fasting and breaking our fast collectively. We also feel an increased awareness about the state of affairs of the Muslims and of the hardships that they endure, because: "During the fast, a Muslim feels and experiences what his needy and hungry brothers and sisters feel, who are forced to go without food and drink for many many days. Indeed, the unity of the Muslims, their support and assisting one another is one of the great fundamentals upon which the Religion of Islam is built, as Allah the Most High said: "And hold fast altogether to the rope of Allah and do not be divided." Islam teaches us collectiveness, Thus, Ramadan is a time to increase our sense of unity and brotherhood, and our commitment to Allah and His Religion. And there is no doubt that this sense of unity necessitates that: "We work together as required by Islam as sincere brothers

Ramadan, gaining Taqwaa

Love for Allah + fear of Allah = taqwaa

Fasting is a means of attaining taqwaa, as it helps in preventing us from many sins. This blessed month teaches us to pray sincerely to one God with pure soul and Emaan. Due to this, the Prophet sallallahu `alayhi wa sallam said: "Fasting is a shield with which the servant protects himself from the Fire." (5)
Taqwaa is ability to safe guard.

Ramadan, cultivating good manners

this blessed month teaches us not only to give up from food and drink, but to also avoid such statements and actions that may be the cause of harming people and violating their rights. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,
"A Muslim is one from whom other Muslims are safe from his tongue and his hand."

We should avoid back biting, slandering and tale carrying, leg pulling, abusing and hatred towards other muslims. A fasting person doing all these bad acts gets nothing from his fast, except hunger and thirst. This sacred month teaches us to understand and behaving in good manners.

Ramadan, Acquiring Patience

Fasting means for learning self restrain and patience. With patience we are able to worship Allah alone, with sincerity, and also cope with life’s ups and downs. with patience we are able to perform our Prayers calmly and correctly, without being speedy, and without simply pecking the ground several times! With patience we are able to hold back our souls from greed and meanness and thus give part of our additional wealth in Zakaah (essential charity). we are able to control the soul’s ill temperament with patience, without losing tempers and behaving badly.

Allah the Most Significant and merciful said: "O Prophet, urge the Believers to fight, so if there are one hundred who are patient, they shall overcome two hundred; and if there be one thousand, they shall overcome two thousand, by the permission of Allah. And Allah is with the patient ones." [Soorah al-Anfaal 8:65-66].

Ramadan, Nearance to Allah

"Whosoever reaches the month of Ramadan and does not have his sins forgiven, and so enters the fire, and then may Allah distance him." (7)

This blessed month becomes the reason for the muslims to come closer to Allah, the Most Perfect. This can be achieved by fulfilling obligatory duties and also reciting the Qur’aan and reflecting upon its meanings, increasing in kindness and in giving charity, in making du`aa (supplication) to Allah, attending the taraweeh Prayer, seeking out Laylatul-Qadr, a night which is better than a thousand months, attending gatherings of knowledge, and striving in those actions that will cause the heart to draw closer to its Lord and to gain His forgiveness. Our level of striving in this blessed month should be greater than our striving to worship.

Medical science has also proved, fasting is good for the human body. It gives vital organs, a complete rest and promotes elimination of metabolic wastes. It allows body to adjust and normalize its biochemistry and its secretions. It increases the power of digestion and assimilation. Fasting also strengthen the mind. Fasting the body eliminates the toxins and mind becomes clear for thinking.

In this Ramadan, let ourselves do good deeds and pray Allah Almighty, beg for his forgiveness and say our prayers daily and recite Qur’aan. Allah bless all of us in this blessed month. Ameen!

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