Looking for the latest information about MBBS in China for Pakistan students then you have arrived at the right place as we will provide you with all the latest information regarding MBBS Fee structure in China and MBBS admission in China for all students of Pakistan. MBBS Program Cost in China


The medical program MBBS in China cost is very economical as compared to local Pakistan Universities as acceptance rate of Pakistan student in local universities is only 7% annually due to which many deserving and intelligent students miss the opportunity. Gaining MBBS admission in China is very easy as long as the China University is on the PMC approved list of Medical Universities of China.

Some of the approved list of Medical Universities by PMC are as follows:


  • Dalian Medical University
  • Capital Medical University
  • Shandong University
  • Nanjing Medical University
  • Tianjin Medical University
  • Shantao University
  • Jiangsu University
  • Shantou University
  • Zhejiang University School of Medicine


Prospective students seeking admission in MBBS program must secure minimum 65% in their F.Sc premedical and intermediate programs to be eligible. Details for MBBS in China for Pakistani students Fee Structure is listed as follows:


Jiangsu University MBBS Program Fee Structure

All International students and Pakistani students must know that the MBBS in China for Pakistani students fee structure is not very complicated as students will be expected to pay seat reservation and application fee that is non refundable upon campus arrival. Pakistani students can easily pay for their student accommodation on annual basis according to their needs budget. International students must understand that MBBS in China cost is very economical as compared to European or American medical programs.


Program Details
Tuition fees Rs.886518 per year
Application fees Rs. 10429
Student Physical checkup Rs.10429
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Accommodation Deposit Rs.13037
Student Resident Deposit Rs.10429
Student Books Rs.15644
Living Expenses Rs. 26074
Student Accommodation (per year) Rs. 117333 to 127762
Total Tuition (6 years) Rs.5,319,108



Shantou University Medical College MBBS Program Fee Structure


International students seeking MBBS in China admission will be glad to know that the fee structure is very accommodating as the Shantou University provides all the facilities for its 5-6 year MBBS bachelor program including student insurance, economic tuition fee and student accommodation. Shantou provides single room shared apartments for international students having all necessary amenities like kitchen as well as being equipped with bed, bookcase, chair, desk, sofa, wardrobe and furniture. International student have to bear electricity, internet, water, heat etc separately.


Program Details

Tuition fee per year

Rs. 10,429,62
Tuition fee Total (6 years) Rs. 62,57,775
Application fee Rs. 15,644
Accommodation Rs. 13037 per month
Insurance Rs. 20859 per year



Nanjing Medical University BBS Program Fees Structure

International students willing to study economical medical program will feel right at home as the MBBS in China admission are targeted towards international students. Pakistani student must pay CMY 13000 or Rs.340505 within seven days after student acceptance letter as non refundable deposit. MBBS program consist of six years and international student are provided with all essential accommodation complaint with international standards. Students are also provide the following special services during their first year term


  • Bedding items
  • Hospital and injury insurance (every year)
  • Campus card with Rs.5,214 Credit
  • Laboratory clothing


Program Details
Registration  fee Rs.13037
Tuition fee Rs.886518 per year
Student Deposit (Refundable) Rs.104296
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.5,319,108
Medical Examination fee Rs.14079
Residence permit Rs.10429
Text books Rs.20859
Student accommodation (per year) Rs. 157163



Zhejiang University School of Medicine

Zhejiang offers Pakistan students attractive MBBS admission and fee structure of China as international student should pay for one year in advance before moving in campus. Accommodation for international students is provided on academic year basis.


MBBS Program Fee Structure

Program Details
Tuition fee Rs.1115969 Per year
Registration fee Rs.10429
Residence permit Rs.10429 per year
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.6,695,819
Physical Examination Rs.10429
Student Accommodation (Twin rooms) Rs. 471,491 per academic year (excluding water and electricity bill)
Miscellaneous  (Food cost) Rs.208,592 per year


TIANJIN Medical University

Pakistani students who have applied for MBBS program in china and are seeking information regarding MBBS fee structure in China will acknowledge the benefit of having international grade medicine degree comprising six year study period in very economical price. On campus accommodation is also available for international and Pakistan students on per academic or per day basis depending upon their budget.


MBBS Program Fee Details

Program Details
Registration  fee Rs. 20859
Tuition fee Rs. 1251555 per year
Student physical checkup Rs.19555 (1st year )
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.1,251,555
Text books fee Rs.101688 (one time)
Student Residence permit Rs. 13037
Student Accommodation (Double Room) Rs. 300373 (per academic year)


Shandong University

Student who are looking for very reasonable and cost effective MBBS in China for Pakistani students will acknowledge as China has become very popular international degree destination having very accommodating and friendly teaching staff and on campus accommodation. International student must pay their registration fee 400RMB in advance for being accepted by Shandong University.


MBBS Program Fee Structure

Program Details
Tuition fee Rs.1173332 per year
Student Application Rs.10429
Residence permit Rs.20859
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years) Rs.7,039,996
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Book Fee Rs.26074
Student Physical Checkup Rs.13037
Student Visa Rs.26074
Living expenses Rs.26074 to Rs.52148
Student Check in Rs.15644 (Refundable)
Student Accommodation (Double Room) Rs. 375466 per year


Capital Medical University

International students seeking MBBS admission in China will be very glad to know that Capital Medical University offers economical MBBS program consisting of six years of study period having all necessary on campus twin room sharing accommodation provided to students including various amnesties including

  • conference rooms
  • Separate bathroom
  • Air conditioner
  • Bed linen
  • Air Conditioner
  • Furniture
  • Internet facility


MBBS Program Fee Structure

Program Details
Student Tuition Rs. 20859
Tuition fee + Management Fee Rs. 1398873 (First year)
Student Application Fee Rs. 25275
Total Tuition Fees (6 Years)


Service Fees

Rs.842 (one time)

Student Accommodation (Per year) Rs.195555 to Rs.286814
Student Insurance Rs.15644
Living Expenses (per month) Rs.57362  to Rs.73007


Applying for MBBS in China admission seems very lucrative for Pakistani students as there is very high demand for doctors in Pakistan and due to the very high public and private sector fees very few Pakistani students are able to afford Medical education in Pakistan. The Medicine field and MBBS degree is highly demand in Pakistan and abroad as in these troubled times of Covid 19 pandemic , the value of doctors has increased henceforth their budget and importance towards dedicated services have been put at nations front row therefore Pakistani students and international students must dedicate themselves towards the field and not waste their precious time and money as Medical field is extremely rewarding field having respect in the education fields in all parts of the world.

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