Humility is the foundation of all virtues

The word "Humility" is a noun, derived from verb transitive "Humiliate" that means "humble condition". The word meekness is the synonym for the "Humility". The antonym for the "Humility’ is "pride or arrogance".

Humility is a very basic quality that must possess by any Muslim. Whether you are in a rich condition or you are in a miserable situation. You should always practice "Humility", because our God does not like pride and arrogance. Allah has always condemned pride & arrogance and always liked "humility". Allah has revealed several verses of Holy Quran on this topic. There is a verse from Holy Quran which means do not show pride & arrogance, because Allah never likes the persons who do so.

Islam puts great stress over the humility. It is an admitted fact that after getting richness there is only a few people that remain thankful to Allah Almighty, most of them become arrogant. This fact does not end here, and then the same people become cruel and start a new arena cruelty. And they start to fulfill their purposes and wishes’ even using unfair means, the same situations spreads to the whole nation, and even to the countries.

History has proved that even in old times, such arrogant people have always tried to depress the others. Even Firown (An Egypt King at the time of Hazrat Moosa (A.S)), who announced himself as god. But Allah has always disliked pride & arrogance; he was destroyed along with his army and came to save his life. In spite of giving thanks to Allah Almighty, he considered himself as god on the bases of his wealth & richness. He considered all his wealth is due to his own knowledge & skills, he became pride & arrogant. There was no humility in him before Allah.

There is also very first example of pride & arrogance, when Allah created "Hazrat Adam (A.S)" and asked all his angles to offer "Sajdah" before Hazrat Adam (A.S). All the angles offer Sajdah except Iblees (Shatan), and showed his pride & arrogance, and Allah d him forever. Although before this Iblees was considered most knowledgeable & have a prominent position before Allah, but he was refused by Allah due to his pride and arrogance. His action was against humility, therefore all his virtues gone away. This shows that humility is the foundation of all virtues and humility is liked by Allah Almighty.

Saying of Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W.) reported by Hazrat Ibne Masood (R.A) that no person will be entered in Heaven, who have a little and so little quantity of pride or arrogance.

All the Muslims must have the characteristic of humility and set an example not only for Muslims but also for other nations. The real goal of life of a Muslim gone away, if he suffers in pride & arrogance. And also he loses his right path mentioned in the Holy Quran. One must control his desires and not be snobbish, because it is sign of decline of a person or nation. And any Muslim who shows or practice humility to Allah Almighty, then he can reach the height of his glory.

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