How to Celebrate 14th August Independence Day

As we all know that the independence day of Pakistan is only around the corner, while most of us only keep wondering what to do on Independence Day. Here in this article we are describing 14 interesting things that you can do on Independence Day.

Decorate your home with Flags and Jhandian

So far this one is the easiest and most important thing that you can do. People have been doing this from years somewhat decades however recently we see this trend disappearing away as our new generation deliberates it “uncool” maybe so let’s regain realization of this trend on this 14th August.

Start your day with National Anthem

Pakistani National Anthem is deliberated as the most beautiful national anthem in the entire world so why not listen to it more habitually? Wake up and play the national anthem in your living room, and it will increase your nationalism.

Wear dress having white and Green

Try to wear some Pakistani colors. You can wear a combination of white or green color. Hang out along with your friends, all wearing the same green and white colors, I am sure that people will admire you and you might set a latest trend.

13th Night Celebrations

People enjoy Christmas Evening, whereas some people also enjoy the New Year Evening, then why don’t we enjoy the Independence Day’s evening.  Gather your friends and play some national songs related to 14th August.

Independence Day Celebration

Undoubtedly it is true that not everyone can book a huge hall and also arrange an event on 14th however one can arrange a small gathering in their local street, Muhalla or Colony. Let the kids sing national songs whereas the adults can deliver speeches in this event.

Use social media to show the love for your Country

Social media is the place where you can easily express your feelings related to anything so one can use it to express his love for his nation.

Use Auditorium of your Institute

When you have no other place or choice to organize an event, your school or College or University is the best place to organize the event. Request your university management to provide you the Auditorium for 14th or 13th of August (because 14th August is a national holiday).

Don’t forget the poor and orphans

Go visit the children's home, old homes as well as the charity homes for homeless. Make them feel special or also enjoy or celebrate this day with them. Collect some money and distribute the badges, flags as well as other gifts between them, it will definitely put a smile on their faces.

Watch patriotic movies and dramas

My all-time favorite movie is “Jinnah”. If you have not watched this movie it or watched it long ago, then watch it again. Also show this movie to your children. You can also watch the patriotic drama named “Jinnah se Quaid”.

Tell your Children about our national heroes.

Regrettably the young generation is not very much aware of what our national heroes did for them in the past. On this day we should tell them so they will come to know about the real heroes not the Hollywood or Bollywood heroes.

Make Dua on that Day

This is also one of the most important things that one can do for the nation. We should pray for the prosperity and the well-being of our nation. Imams at various mosques should also demeanor proper prayers for our beautiful homeland.

Decorate your cars

Decorate your cars for this day and also go for a drive and be careful not to do a bit uncontrolled, inattentive or inappropriate that would be create any inconvenience for others. Be a responsible resident.

Don’t forget to put on badges on August 14th

On 14th august put in your badges on your shirts. It seems quite decent, graceful and obviously patriotic.

Write articles and Essays

Last but not the least write some articles or essays about how you enjoy this day and share it with others as well. 

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