We have seen the impact of technology in many areas of our lives, and recently it has taken on even greater significance within the educational setting too. This article examines how online instructional resources are improving learning for both students and teachers, addressing some of the issues we confront in education. Read along to learn more about it.

What is Educational Technology?

A related field of technology, Education Technology (known as “EdTech”) applies tools (such as software, hardware, and processes) to developing and implementing initiatives to promote education. “EdTech is concerned with the creation, use, and management of appropriate technological processes and resources that improve learning and provide the means for student achievement.

Digital learning is a supplement but not a replacement for traditional teaching methods. Learning in a classroom environment has its benefits and opportunities, such as interpersonal skills and collaboration. The combination of the two can offer new learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, making educators' lives simpler.

Reasons for Using Ed-Tech

     1.   Accessible Learning for More People

The cost of investing in extra educational resources outside of school, such as textbooks and tutors, was extremely high. This meant that many students did not have access to the resources needed to succeed in their studies. Anyone with an internet connection can now easily access online educational resources, whether on a computer, iPad, or smartphone, and many educational resources are available free of charge. With improved education becoming more affordable and accessible to more students, regardless of their financial status, everyone will enjoy a better quality of life.

Education technology provides more than just financial accessibility; it provides a way to overcome some of the barriers faced by students with disabilities. For example, e-books can help students with physical disabilities who struggle accessing resources that go in a library more easily.

The format of digital textbooks certainly allows a greater degree of flexibility than paper textbooks, and they can often be easily customized to include information that is more accessible to visually impaired students.

     2.   A Person-to-Person Teaching Style

The school environment makes it easy to let struggling students go unnoticed. Besides, extra attention for a student cannot be given without delaying the rest of the class and delaying educational opportunities for other students.

A significant number of online educational tools have AI capabilities that allow them to assess student weaknesses and strengths in seconds and to ask questions and suggest educational content tailored to specific weaknesses.

     3.   Wide Range Of Resources For All Learning Styles

A teacher faces the challenge of adjusting the curriculum to the unique learning style of each of their students. However, studies have shown that learning styles are equally important as ability when it comes to academic success.

Thankfully, through the internet, we have access to a variety of educational resources, including websites, educational games, podcasts, and audiobooks. This is helpful for students who work differently from the rest of the class. Students can seek these out at home to augment their studies or teachers can use them to make lessons more appealing to all different types of learners.

Online Learning Resources

     1.   Quizlet

Having Quizlet as a study tool is excellent for any course, but it is especially great if you are taught using a lot of terms and definitions, and/or learning a subject with no textbook. Quizlet provides these same practice-type tools and may be customized by the professor. Quizlet may also be used in a classroom setting for students to engage in active learning and to gain further knowledge of course material.

The Quizlet game allows students to have fun while studying. With the variety of game formats, Quizlet offers, students can have fun studying. The course material becomes more engaging for online courses and hybrids. The Quizlet live version of Quizlet allows the face-to-face classes to collaborate and compete. The Quizlet app can also be downloaded so students can study anywhere.

     2.   Khanacademy

Khan Academy is an educational organization that provides free streaming video tutorials and interactive exercises. The Academy’s mission is “to transform education for the better by widening access to quality educational opportunities.”

Teachers can monitor the progress of their students on the Khan Academy website. Users can maintain records of their progress on the website. Tutorials are informal in style and are designed for individuals to gain knowledge from lessons or concepts as they are delivered. Many electronic blackboard talks are delivered by individuals passionate about the topic.

     3.   IXL

For K-12 students, IXL (from "I excel") provides a math & language arts practice site with endless math topics and a comprehensive reporting system. IXL can help teachers find what they need for classroom use, reinforce student knowledge, facilitate independent learning, or introduce new topics easily since it includes more than 7,000 skills aligned with all state standards.

Answering the questions on IXL provides students with immediate feedback, and the detailed explanations they receive provide tips on how to fix problems they missed. The platform provides an almost limitless wall of recommendations customized for each student’s needs. Therefore, students can make informed decisions about their learning.

     4.   Britannica

Looking for something to increase your general knowledge or become a total know-it-all on a topic that you like? If so, then Britannica is a great resource that will help you grow knowledge about things. It has a vast majority of topics from culture and arts to science. The best part is that it is all free! So you can read as much as you want without worrying about money.

Britannica is the oldest English-language general Encyclopedia, which started its publication in Britain in the early 1700s. Now, it disseminates information online and keeps it accessible for people. The information provided on it is reliable and accurate. On the website, there is an option to take quizzes on various topics of your choice. Moreover, you can also play games, view infographics, listen to Podcasts, and so much more.

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