A bachelor’s degree is of 4 years and different programs are offered in almost all universities around the world. BSIT, BSCS, and BSSE are important degrees and the scope of these fields is increasing day by day. Every degree has different majors, careers, and subfields. The most common thing in these fields is they are related to computers and programming.   Each discipline has a great choice of studies to choose to make the future career. These fields are closely related also separated by their curriculum, job opportunities, and focus.

The interests and skills are important to make a successful career in IT, SE, or CS. Every job has different requirements but some of the important skills that students should develop are troubleshooting, communication, project management, analytical thinking, attention to detail, and creativity.

Computer science is based on the study of the use and principles of computers which covers application and theory. It also involves the application and understanding of concrete and abstract knowledge. Software engineering is concerned with the application of the engineering processes to maintain, design, and create software. Information technology deals with the implementation, management, and development of information and computer systems.


The BS in computer science focuses on the concepts and procedures that are used in the development of advanced software systems. It is a BS degree of 4 years with 8 semesters total. The major focus of this degree is on Mathematics, Physics, and Computer. It is the professional degree that produces graduates for job markets as information technology, entrepreneurs, software engineers, and academic professionals. BSCS develops the skills and abilities of problem-solving in students to work in government or private sectors.

Scope of BSCS

It has a high scope in Pakistan as a BSCS degree has a lot of job opportunities. This degree enables students to understand the broad skills with the deep knowledge in modern software and hardware concepts with introducing the programming languages. BSCS focus on the theoretical and mathematical foundations of the computation rather emphasize different technologies.

Career in BSCS

Computer Science focuses on efficiently programming by using mathematical algorithms that require independent work. There are many jobs for BSCS not just in Pakistan but all over the world. Some of the popular jobs are Hardware engineer, software developer, systems manager, database administrator, and web developer. The graduates of the BSCS design websites and their work is concerned with building and designing applications and programs.


BS in Information Technology is the 4 years degree program that equips the students with the abilities to design, implement and conceptualize the software tool and applications. This degree prepares students to be expert that is able for performing, operating, developing, maintain and install computer applications. BSIT provides excellent skills in information technology and focuses on management theory.

Scope of BSIT

BS in Information Technology has a huge scope in Pakistan. Students can get a variety of job opportunities after completing the degree. BSIT graduates have the skills to work on projects that are relevant and also impact the lifestyle of the people. BSIT degree utilizes data to help businesses in taking the right decisions. It also accesses IT impact on the environment, individuals, and industries.

Career in BSIT

The BSIT graduates can pursue their careers in many fields which include web hosting, data communication analyst, network system analysis, web development. Computer programmer, technical support specialist, and computer system administrator. The IT professionals interact more with co-workers and clients because of work. IT students are responsible to solve the technical problems with the business owners for constructing the technology plan which meets the business requirements. BSIT degree focuses on different subjects like databases, networking, and software. . This degree also includes the study in different fields which are software development, software engineering, software testing, programming, computer networking, and web design.


BS in Software engineering is of 4 years degree that describes fundamentals of the software engineering. Software engineering is the concept to collect the codes and documents which does the specific job and also fill the specific requirements. Software engineering deals with the development of software products and operates different sets of methods and principles. BSSE helps to create personalized and customized software which looks into the risks and vulnerabilities. This degree focuses on software interacts with different systems.

Scope of BSSE

BSSE breaks down the problems into smaller parts and also minimizes the complexity of the project. Software engineering has a huge scope all over the world. The work in this degree involves testing, evaluating, and developing different software.

Career in BSSE

BSSE is the discipline with the space of advancement and it is important as information technology. Software engineers can make their careers in different fields as network engineering, quality assurance specialist, development and research consultant operations manager, video gamer developer, and technical analyst. Software engineers are in demand to work in different industries like retailing, telecommunication, health care, transport, and automotive.

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