There is a wide range of subjects in which the candidates can do the graduation depending upon their interests. Among the various graduate degrees, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is widely chosen among the candidates. Many people pursue this domain as it offers great career opportunities to them. MBA is an attractive degree program and in-demand. Even after the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, there have been immense changes in the trends of the job market but still, the MBA degree holder can earn a handsome amount of money. There are many opportunities for MBA graduates and they can choose to specialize in many fields such as IT, Healthcare, Finance, Media management, Finance, Consulting, Accounting, Information Systems, Entrepreneurship, and Administration. There are many jobs in Pakistan that are offered to candidates in the government and private sector and the candidates can apply for the particular job position depending upon their educational background and experience. Some of the best jobs for MBA graduates are mentioned below. 

Sales Director

The sales director is the main need of any company that sells goods want to analyze the best-optimized sales. The main duty of the sales director is to all sales activities and personnel. The main goal is to assure that the sales adheres to and meets all goals of the company. The director is responsible for the implementation of quotas, recruiting salespersons, meeting with regional managers, and also communicating with clients.

Financial Manager

Many financial institutions hire financial managers to analyze the financial condition of the company. Financial Managers prepare the financial statements and estimates for the company to ensure that all the legal requirements are met. They are mainly responsible for the company’s budget and to solve cash flow problems by offering various proposals and by directly overseeing cash and investment procedures.

Jobs For MBA Graduates

Business Operations Manager

An Operations Manager's job is to look for the general operating procedures of a business that mainly revolves around the planning to use the material and human resources for the completion of the various tasks. They are needed when transitioning to or implementing a new work environment. Operations Managers work with the legal as well as the safety department to ensure compliance according to the laws, rules, and regulations. The candidates can check the Operation Manager jobs in Lahore.

Public Relations Director

All companies need a person that can communicate directly to the public. If they’re not contacting an outside firm then they have their own internal Public Relations department. The PR Director is responsible for managing the image and brand of the company, by overseeing the social and audience engagement. They mainly determine the ways to design promotional material and ad campaigns and establish standards for contacting the media and also developing press releases.

Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer maintains the daily operations connected to managers and employees. They work with managers as well as supervisors to overlook that all departments are following the instructions provided by the company. Their duties include measuring productivity and revenue, studying company logistics, and performing valuations focused on what’s working well what can be done for better results.

Management Consultant

MBA graduates can apply for management consultant jobs that contracts with companies temporarily for the completion of a particular task. These consultants work to solve the problems and provide a suitable solution to companies that face certain turning points. They also assist companies in case of obstacles such as reduced sales or loss of market share. A management consultant’s job is to assist the company so that the sales can be boosted effectively by maximizing profits. 

Jobs For MBA Graduates

Medical and Health Services Manager

The Medical and Health Services Manager is in charge of marinating and overseeing the health care facilities. The general responsibilities include maximizing the quality of care offered by the company or organization while minimizing costs. The manager is responsible for establishing records and ensuring that everything is according to the government regulations.

Chief Technical Officer

The CTO is the executive who manages all of the aspects of the company that are related to the technology. They are responsible for making and controlling the technical vision of the company and also for the implementation of strategies to ensure that all the members are performing their tasks according to the announced deadline. The CTO also is responsible for the company’s tech teams and oversees various research and development procedures.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

The Computer and Information Systems Manager is the one who is in charge of coordinating and directing various activities of the computer, checking in with monitoring teams to ensure that deadlines are met without any delay and goals are reached in a hassle-free manner. They directly manage the company IT department and discuss responsibilities, tasks, and goals with the other members of the department. The manager also has to assure that current technology systems are working and are up to the task. 

Chief Marketing Director

The Chief Marketing Director is responsible for handling all the marketing needs of the company so that the company can run smoothly. Their main task is to design and implement the creative vision of how the company markets itself by using various ways. The CMD works across departments, to boost sales and to promote the company’s goods and also services. They’re responsible for examining consumer data, measuring the competition, and investigating potential marketplace opportunities.

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