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During these times of crisis when the whole world is struggling to fight the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is required to act responsibly. As a privileged part of the society, we must play our role in helping others, that is, by making donations.

Alamgir Welfare Trust is working day and night to serve the needy who are looking to us for our support.

We are thankful for the confidence of our trustees that enable us to serve the humanity in this critical time. Not only that we are distributing cooked food amongst the poor families, we are also taking care of their ration requirements on a daily basis.

The trust is working closely with the Sindh government to provide relief to those affected by the coronavirus lockdown. Our offices in Karachi and Islamabad are open to collect the donations.

What is Corona Virus?

COVID-19 or commonly known as coronavirus is a transmittable disease. The disease causes breathing infections amongst the patient, but it is also curable. People, who have complaints of cardiovascular, prolonged respiratory issue, diabetes and cancer are more vulnerable to this disease. (WHO)

Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available for the coronavirus right now. The only workable solution to stay safe from the disease is to practice social distancing and break the chain. The experts have advised that by washing hands regularly with soap and disinfecting hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer one can avoid contracting the virus.

By covering your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief and flexing elbow while coughing or sneezing can slow down the process of virus spread. The COVID-19 usually reaches out to the other person when the affected person’s saliva or nose fluid is discharged.

The symptoms of this virus appear after or within fourteen days. However, it cannot be directly diagnosed when you have a cold or flu. It can only be diagnosed with a laboratory test.

Safety measures to avoid contracting the virus

It is a well known understanding that one must wash their hands frequently, avoid hand shakes, and rub alcohol based sanitiser to kill the germs.

WHO has recommended people out there to observe social distancing that is up to 3 feet or 1 meter. If someone is sneezing or coughing, then this distance is strictly advised. When visiting malls or shops, make sure that you are standing 6 feet away from the other person.

It is also not advisable to touch your mouth, eyes or nose because these are the places that can be an easy gateway for the virus. Hands can pick germs or virus from any surface and can make you ill if they enter into your body.

With the respiratory sanitation, we can avoid the spread of this disease. If someone intends to sneeze or cough, they must cover their mouth or nose. This way, the droplets of infected people will not  reach to the healthy person.

If you are feeling unwell like having fever, cough, flu, breathing issue, etc, then stay at home and avoid meeting people. For a safe side, inform health authorities or your employer so that they could suggest you the next step if necessary.

Another crucial preventive measures that people need to take is to keep themselves in self isolation if they have traveled to the infected areas in the last 14 days. At least 14 days quarantine is suggested so that it could be operated if you are having any symptoms or not. (WHO)

By acting responsibly during this alarming situation, you cannot only secure yourself, but others as well. You can do that by:

  • Social Distancing (Stay Home Stay Safe)
  • Wear Mask
  • Hand Wash
  • No close contact

How can you help us help the needy?

Alamgir Welfare Trust is doing its best to support the community and assisting the government by offering relief services.

Give more and more donations to AWT in the forms of Zakat, Sadqas, Khairat. This will allow us to cope up with the timely availability and  supply of daily necessities so that white collar families would not have to be worried.

You can still take out your Zakat instead of waiting for the Holy month of Ramadan. This will definitely serve the same purpose that you practice in Ramadan. This is the right time to pay your Zakat because this is what religion and humanity demands.

Let’s join hands and lift up our fellow human beings.

UAN: 111-153-153

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