The beautiful Kalash valley people hold many ancient festivals throughout the year which showcase their unique culture, livelihood, traditions and way of life. The people of the Kalash valley are known as “Kalasha”. The special Kalash people have their own religion, culture and ancient traditions that are similar to ancient Hinduism acts.

Kalash Festivals 2022

Kalash is a tribe that resides in the district Chitral of Pakistan. It is almost one of the last villages on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The people of Kalash valley are known to be the long-lost dependents of Alexander the great ``lost soldiers when he visited the region. The Kalash people are quite famous for their dress style and festivals. The Kalash people dance to the beat of drums along with their woman in open places across the valley. The people also consume home made wine in bountiful quantities during these festivals which are held depended on the time of harvest.
The Kalash people celebrate three ancient festivals through the year in their native Kalash Valley:
Spring - Chilam Joshi Festival from 13th to 16th of May, 
Summer - Uchal festival from 20th August to 22 August 
Winter - Choimus Festival from 15th to 22nd of December. 

Chilam Joshi Festival 2022

The Chilam Joshi festival (spring festival) is very popular Kalash tribe festival that is celebrated four days among the Kalash valleys. It is one of the important celebrations carried out usually in the autumn season. The Chilam Joshi festival provides an excellent way to start the summer season and forward the message of welcoming and peace towards the whole world. 
The Chilam Joshi festival starts from Rumbur valley and moves forward towards the rest of the valleys. The festival begins with “milk day” the act of storing milk from people’s homes ten days before the start of the festival. The Kalash people offer milk offering to their gods during this special event in return for their blessing for enjoying affluent agriculture yields, yearly health, and safety for their family and herds.  
The people of Kalash valley offer seasonal foods to their ancient god spirits as they light up kotik(light) for their previous ancestors. Afterward, the remaining food is offered to Kalash elderly woman as it is considered impure for consumption. 
During these ancient festivals, purity is top most priority and is therefore exercised before the days leading up to the event. All people of Kalash must clean themselves during a special bath a week before starting their festival so that all Kalash people have pure mind when their god Balomain visit their valley. Kalash men must not sit down during the entire day, and they must consume specially baked bread on the arrival of the purification ceremony.

Chilam Joshi Festival Main Purpose 

The main purpose of carrying out Chilam Joshi festival is to seek suitable life partners for the Kalash valley’s unmarried women and men. The Kalash women adore traditional clothes having various colourful flower patterns along with wearing unique beaded necklaces that would complement their look with the rest of their special headgear. 
The Kalash valley men adore their cultural Shalwar Kameez along with woolen waistcoat during the Chilam Joshi festival. The Kalash valley’s Chilam joshi festival provides the valley’s men a great opportunity to select and announce their lifelong partners and soul mates on the festival’s last day. 
The festival of Chilim Joshi for the oncoming spring season harvest usually lasts from four to six days in the month of May. The people of Kalash valley are known to worship various gods like Balomain(hero demic god) of Kafiristan, which is believed to pass their valley while counting Kalash people's prayers in order to return them to their mythical land of Tsiam. 
The people of Kalash valley are known for their love of dance and music as various men and woman dance to the beat of drums during their various ancient festivals that are carried out throughout the year. The Kalash people believe that the act of dancing is the way of expressing thankfulness and happiness for their creator. The various acts of dancing take place among village bonfires while the local Kalash people chant their favorite folk songs and rymes with repetitions along with drum beats. 
The woman of Kalash adores various kinds of jewelry, including apricot kernel-made necklaces which are provided as gifts during the Kalash people's festivals. The Kalash women are expected to select their soul mate husband during these ancient Kalash festivals.
The people of Kalash avail special halls for their festival dances which are specially decorated with goat figurines and carved wooden pillars. The people of Kalash perform their festival dances and recite various chores or rhymes by their ancient elders.
The Chilam Joshi festival is a good attraction for local and foreign travelers and tourists as they are align their various trips with special aims for covering the special Kalash festival. The Chilam joshi festival provides a unique way to provide the soft and unique local culture of Kalash valley throughout the world.

 FAQs about Chilam Joshi Festival 

Q1: What is Chilam Joshi Festival?
Ans: The ancient Kalash valley festival of Chilam joshi is carried out among Rambur, Birir and Bumburet valleys where the local people offer various sacrifices for affluent harvest season to their gods and boys and girls hold various cultural dances for finding their suitable life partners among their elders.
Q2: How to Attend Chilam Joshi Festival?
Ans: In order to attend Chilam Joshi Festival you must travel towards Swat valley via Taxila route which encompasses Mohra, SirKap, Jaulian, Moradu and Museum. Then you must proceed towards Rambur valley and visit their village community house and enjoy watching Chilam Joshi Festival. 
Another route to reach Kalash valley is via Temergrah, Dir and then Ayun Valley. Kalash is part of Chitral District.
Q3: Who can attend the Chilam Joshi Festival 2022?
Ans: All people and travelers of all ages can attend the famous Kalash people Chilam Joshi festival as long as they respect the local Kalash people culture and values do not target them or disrespect them. 
Q4: What Happens in the Chilam Joshi Festival?
Ans: The people of Kalash valley celebrate the incoming summer and harvest season by offering their ancient Gods various sacrifices and unmarried men and woman participate in special festival dances to seek their life long partners. 

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