Many people grumble that they have a very low salary. They are not happy with their job or they are not enjoying their job, then they should rest assured and acknowledge that they are in the wrong profession and their talent does not suit their profession.

God awarded a title to human beings, "the best of all creations". So how is this possible that the best creation in this universe feels so helpless and wretched? The human being has four main qualities, which distinguish him from other creations. These are four qualities:

  1. Communication skills: Human beings can communicate with each other, even a newborn baby can communicate with his/ her mother.
  2. Planning: No other creation can plan except human beings. They can plan for many next years.
  3. Change: Human beings are the only creation of God that can bring change in their lives. They can improve their lifestyle by discovering things with the increase of their needs.
  4. Pleasure: It is also a gratifying quality of human beings that they can enjoy everything. They can get pleasure from every moment of their lives.

In this world 85% of people, have the same genes, as everyone has two hands, two legs, single nose, walk straight, heart on left side etc. Rest of 15% genes are different and no other carbon copy of these genes has exists in this world. From 15 percent of these qualities, 7.5 percent are for improving one's own quality of life. These qualities are as follows:

  1. Body: We have to build muscle or lose our fats for ourselves. It improves our health and long life.
  2. Emotion: We have to control or show emotions for ourselves as it shows our personality.
  3. Brain: A sane and optimist brain leads to success. One has to use it properly to get sensation and victory.
  4. Spirit: Spirit is a nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character. It can be good or evil. It is one's own choice to go with good or evil.

Now the last 7.5% are those from which a person has to show himself that he is wonderful, accountable and with these qualities, he can contribute and donate his services to the world. There are thirteen professions in this world.

  1. Leaders: They clutch your decisions into their hands, but their decision will be helpful as a whole.
  2. Businessman: These people have ability to making profit. They start from a small business and expand it to its optimum point.
  3. Sports man: These people from their childhood are interested in going to playgrounds.
  4. Artists: They are very gloomy and quiet people. Artists may include painters, sketcher, actors, etc.
  5. Lawyer: These people always try to involve in disputes and try to solve it in a reasonable way.
  6. Fighters: These people are so passionate and aggressive. If they join army or become a cop. They may be very quickly promoted to a higher position.
  7. Spy: These people are very keen observers. They concentrate on people's movements and criticize on it, e.g. reporters.
  8. Administrators: These people can manage people, resources and time effectively and efficiently.
  9. Innovators: Innovators can be decorators and researchers.
  10. Communication: They have very good communication skills they can influence others by their communication. e.g. sales man.
  11. Politicians: They first observe people's needs and wants and then blackmail them on it.
  12. Teachers: These people like to advice or teach people. They may be meticulous.
  13. Followers: They just follow the footsteps or a line. Labors are including in this category.

Now the question is that how can we discover out talent from these professions. Following are some tips that can assist you to discover your talent.

  1. In which we are most interested.
  2. Which we do daily.
  3. Involve so much in work as we don't care of our time.
  4. We become more satisfied in doing that and we do not tire.
  5. Environment accept this.

Mostly we do not know which talent we have and that is why we switch professions from one to another. Hope this article will help your discover your way.

Note: I take help from Javed Chaudhry's seminar.

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