Tips For A Level Prepration in Pakistan

A level comes with increased pressure and panic attacks as it is a gateway to higher studies and renowned universities. Most students undergo pressure during exam preparation and even on the exam day. Peace of mind and confidence is an important factor when it comes to preparing for your exam. A few exam preparation tips have been laid down to assist students in their preparation. These tips or guidelines can also be seen as a checklist to exam preparation. 


It is very essential for a candidate to know about updated syllabus and to prepare a revision timetable almost 2-3 months before the exam dates. The revision timetable can include priorities, that is, which paper is of greater importance based on its percentage in the whole course grade or more time is required on the weak areas of the students. 


 A student can use various methods of revision like class notes, tuition notes, course books and even a lot of reference books are also available for the help of the students. Students can also take advantage of interesting exam preparation methods like cue cards for English related subjects like General Paper in which they can list all definitions to strengthen their vocabulary. Timelines can be made for students who opt for History or world history in their A level. It will ease the learning process of students. Online videos are also available for student assistance. Several other such interesting techniques can be adopted by students to ensure efficient revision like discussion with teachers and friends, using charts, sticky notes or highlighting important points in notes. 


It is highly advised that students do not opt for any other new activity during exam preparation which can pert their attention and interest. Students should take care of their diet and get proper sleep of minimum 8 hours to ensure fresh state of mind. Plenty of water intakes is suggested instead of tea or coffee. Frequent breaks between study hours are suggested as it not good for students to exhaust themselves. If a student feels overwhelmed then he/she should take deeper breaths and stand up and smile and take a quick break to build the stamina again. 


Past Papers is the essential key to success in examination preparation. Students can expect similar questions in papers and at times they can even see repeated questions. It is very important for students to get a feel of exam questions and its difficulty level. 


Time management is a vital aspect of exam preparation. Most students are unable to complete their paper on time and which in return lowers their grades. Time management is important because some questions have high difficulty level and students spend most of their time on those questions. Students should move to next question if they get stuck.

It is advised that students should sit past papers very often for time management and to be more familiar with the questions. The more familiar you are with the question types, the less time it will require to solve it. Student should also refer to marking schemes and examiner report to evaluate themselves after they have attempted a paper. 


It is possible that a student gets under a lot of stress or pressure. Stress management should then be made a part of the preparation plan. Student should first discover what the cause of stress is and then adopt appropriate measures to deal with it. Be observant and note the stress areas and after what time you undergo stress. It varies student to student as every student has a different tolerance level. You should take appropriate measures to minimise your stress then which can include water intake, food, sticking to what you like, setting goals or build confidence by attempting more past papers.


It should be noted that students are suggested not to feel shy in the examination room to ask for water. You can ask for water at any time of the paper. A student should, in fact, keep taking sips of water throughout the exam. A student should stay calm while attempting the paper by taking deep breaths.  A student should also understand the question before attempting it as A level questions often require higher level of knowledge testing. You should also re-check your paper if you finish before time and not just run out the examination paper in hurry. 

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