Latest Updates on KPPSC Interview

Updated April 2023
1. KPPSC Interview Schedule for May 2023 is updated.Candidated are notified to check this page
2. KPPSC Revised Schedule for the month of March and April 2023 is released by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public service commission.
Candidates are notified to check the List from the Links provided in the table.
Month Revised Interview Schedule
March 2023 Download Schedule List
April 2023 Download Schedule List
3. Revised Interview Schedule Update!
KPPSC has released a List of revised interview schedule for March 2023.The kppsc revised interview schedule is update on the page.Candidates can check the list ,also they can download the schedule provided in PDF format 

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public service commission conducts competitive exams and interviews to recruit individuals suitable for the public service job or posts. KPPSC interview is the most important part to obtain a KPPSC job and most of the candidates gets nervous during the interview and in result they fail at the KPPSC interview, so for your ease we are here to tell you some tips, suggestions and questions that are mostly likely to be asked in the KPPSC interview.

This organization works under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PSC ordinance 1978. KPPSC conducts only the interviews of successful candidates (candidates who have cleared the written exams). Highly experienced and qualified interview panel conducts the KPPSC interviews.

KPPSC Interview Schedule and Guideline 2023


KPPSC Interview Schedule 2023

Latest KPPSC Interview Schedule for the Month of May 2023 is out by  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public service commission Post Name
Panel - I
1. Male Assistant Superintendent Jail (BPS-16) 
2. Monitoring Inspectors (BPS-17)
3. Male Assistant Professors Physics (BPS-18)
4. Male Assistant Professors Maths (BPS-18)
5. Male Assistant Professors Commerce (BPS-18)
6. Social Mobilizer (BPS-16) 
Panel - II
7. Male Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17) 
8. Female Lecturer Islamic Studies (BPS-17)
Panel - III
9. Female Subject Specialist Urdu (BPS-17) 
Panel - IV
10. Female Subject Specialist Pushto (BPS-17)
11. Female Lecturer Health & Physical Education (BPS-17)
12. Female Lecturer History (BPS-17)
13. Female Lecturer Computer Science (BPS-17) 
Panel - V
14. Veterinary Officers (Health) (BPS-17) 



KPPSC Interview Schedule for the month of March 2023 is also out by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa public service commission from advertisement 2021 and 2022 for the following post.Details of interview are mentioned in the pdf attached.Candidates are advised to download the detailed List from the button provided  Post Name
Panel - I
1. Male Subject Specialist English (BPS-17) 
2. Male Subject Specialist English (BPS-17) 
Panel - II
3. Female Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17) 
  Female Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17)
Panel - III
4. Female Subject Specialist Economics (BPS-17)
5. Female Subject Specialist Economics (BPS-17) 
6. Female Lecturer Political Science (BPS-17) 
Panel - IV
7. Demonstrators (BPS-17) 
8. Dental Surgeons (BPS-17)
9. Demonstrators (BPS-17) 
10. Professor Basic in Pathology (BPS-20)
11. Professor Community Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-20)
12. Associate Professor Medicine (Clinical) (BPS-19)
13. Associate Professor Medicine (Clinical) (BPS-19)
14. Associate Professor Surgery (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
15. Associate Professor in Ophthalmology (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19) 
16. Associate Professor ENT (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
17. Associate Professor Pediatrics (Clinical) (BPS-19)
18. Associate Professor in Gynae (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
19. Associate Professor Pharmacology (Basic Sciences) (BPS-19)
20. Associate Professor Psychiatry (Clinical) (BPS-19)
21. Associate Professor Pathology (Basic) (BPS-19)
22. Associate Professor Orthopedics (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
23. Associate Professor Cardiology (Clinical) (BPS-19)
24. Associate Professor Bio-Chemistry (Basic) (BPS-19)
25. Associate Professor Community Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-19)
26. Associate Professor Anatomy (Basic Science) (BPS-19)
27. Professor Surgery(Clinical Sciences) (BPS-20)
28. Professor ENT (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-20)
29. Senior Registrar Pulmonology (BPS-18) 
30. Assistant Professor Community Medicine (BPS-18)
31. Professor Anatomy (Basic Science) (BPS-20) 
32. Professor Forensic Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-20)
33. Associate Professor Forensic Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-19)
34. Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine (BPS-18) 
35. Professor Basic in Bio-Chemistry (BPS-20)
36. Consultant Radiologist (BPS-18)
  Professor Clinical in Cardiology (BPS-20) 
Panel - V
37. Veterinary Officers (Health) (BPS-17) 
38. Veterinary Officers (Health) (BPS-17) Post Name
Panel - I
1. Male Parole/ Probation Officers (BPS-16) 
2. Female Lecturer Geography (BPS-17) 
3. Male Assistant Superintendent Jail (BPS-16) 
Panel - II
4. Female Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17) 
5. Sub Inspector Tourism (BPS-14) 
6. Male Assistant Professor Botany (BPS-18) 
7. Male Assistant Professor History Cum Civics (BPS-18) 
Panel - III
8. Female Subject Specialist Urdu (BPS-17)
Panel - IV

Professor Medicine (Clinical Sciences)(BPS-20)

10. Professor Basic in Pharmacology (BPS-20)
11. Professor Basic in Physiology (BPS-20) 
12. Associate Professor Physiology (Basic Science) (BPS-19) 
13. District Specialist Psychiatry (BPS-18) 
14. Consultant Anesthetics (BPS-18) 
15. Senior Registrar Anesthesia (BPS-18) 
16. District Specialist Radiology (BPS-18) 
17. District Specialist Anesthetics (BPS-18) 
Panel - V
18. Panel - I Post Name
Panel - I
1. Male Subject Specialist English (BPS-17) 
Panel - II
2. Female Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17)
Panel - III
3. Female Subject Specialist Economics (BPS-17)
  Female Subject Specialist Urdu (BPS-17) 
Panel - IV
4. Demonstrators (BPS-17)
5. Professor Basic in Pathology (BPS-20)
6. Dental Surgeon (BPS-17) 
7. Professor Community Medicine (Basic Science) 
8. Associate Professor Medicine (Clinical)
9. Nursing Instructors/ Nursing Superintendent/ Nursing Directress (BPS-17) 
10. Associate Professor Surgery (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
11. Associate Professor in Ophthalmology (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
12. Associate Professor ENT (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19) 
13. Associate Professor Pediatrics (Clinical) (BPS-19) 
14. Associate Professor in Gynae (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19)
15. Associate Professor Pharmacology (Basic Sciences) (BPS-19) 
16. Associate Professor Psychiatry (Clinical) (BPS-19) 
17. Associate Professor Pathology (Basic) (BPS-19) 
18. Associate Professor Orthopedics (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-19) 
19. Associate Professor Cardiology (Clinical) (BPS-19)
20. Associate Professor Bio-Chemistry (Basic) (BPS-19)
21. Associate Professor Physiology (Basic Science) (BPS-19) 
22. Associate Professor Community Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-19)
23. District Specialist Psychiatry (BPS-18) 
24. Associate Professor Anatomy (Basic Science) (BPS-19)
25. Senior Registrar Pulmonology (BPS-18) 
26. Assistant Professor Community Medicine (BPS-18)

Professor Surgery (Clinical Sciences)(BPS-20)


Professor in Ophthalmology (Clinical)(BPS-20)

29. Professor ENT (Clinical Sciences) (BPS-20)
30. Professor Clinical in Cardiology (BPS-20) 
31. Professor Basic in Pharmacology (BPS-20) 
32. Professor Basic in Physiology (BPS-20)
33. Professor Basic in Bio-Chemistry (BPS-20) 
34. Professor Anatomy (Basic Science) (BPS-20) 
35. Professor Forensic Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-20) 
36. Associate Professor Forensic Medicine (Basic Science) (BPS-19) 
37. Consultant Radiologist (BPS-18)
38. Senior Registrar Anesthesia (BPS-18)
39. Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine (BPS-18)
40. Assistant Professor Anatomy (BPS-18)
Panel - V
41. Veterinary Officers (Health) (BPS-17)


KPPSC has announced Multiple post in KPPSC interview list for the Month of Feburary 2023 of various advertisements from 2021. The interviews are to be conducted in Five Panels for the following positions.Candidates are advised to download the detailed List from the button provided Post Name
Panel - I
1. Female Subject Specialist Statistics (BPS-17)
2. Male Lecturer Information Technology (BPS-17)
3. Assistant Directors (BPS-17) 
4. Assistant Directors (BPS-17) 
5. Male Subject Specialist English (BPS-17)
Panel - II
6. Assistant Engineer/ SDO (Civil) (BPS-17) 
7. Female Subject Specialist Biology (BPS-17) 
Panel - III
8. Male Subject Specialist Pushto (BPS-17)
9. Female Subject Specialist Economics (BPS-17)
Panel - IV
10. Dental Surgeons (BPS-17) 
11. Dental Surgeon (BPS-17) 
12. Demonstrators (BPS-17)
Panel - V
13. Inspectors (BPS-16) 
14. Veterinary Officers (Health) (BPS-17)


KPPSC Interview 2023

Candidates, can find the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission job interview schedule from this page and also can be seen on KPPSC’s official website. Select your post name from the link, and then download the list. Before the scheduled interview date, you must prepare for the interview if your name is on the list.

KPPSC conducts many job interviews for various posts some of these are here, Assistant Professor Chemistry, Senior Registrar Surgery, Assistant Professor Computer Science, Assistant Professor Biology, Assistant Professor Botany, Senior Scale Stenographer, Assistant Directors etc. We hope you will pass the interview and selected for a job. The candidate with the higher interview score will be considered to be more preferred candidate when two or more candidates have scored the same in merit score.

Please note that candidates must bring their KPPSC interview call letter and original documents of qualification, domicile, and CNIC to the centre of the interview. Minimum 60% marks are required to successfully clear the KPPSC job interview. If a candidate fails the KPPSC interview, he or she will be disqualified automatically, doesn’t matter how much marks they have obtained in the KPPSC written exams.  


KPPSC Interview Questions

For the convenience of the KPPSC candidates who are nervous about their KPPSC Interview, don’t worry here are some questions that are more likely to be asked in the KPPSC interview. KPPSC candidates who are called out for the KPPSC interview or have their name in the KPPSC interview call letter, can prepare answers for these following basic questions:

  • How will you introduce yourself?
  • Have you researched for the post for which you are going to be interviewed?
  • Why you consider yourself most suited person for the post?
  • Why do you feel you can do the job?
  • What makes you qualified for the job?
  • Do you know about job responsibilities?


How to Clear KPPSC Interview

We have comprised some KPPSC interview tip and suggestions for the KPPSC interview candidates, by following them they can easily clear the KPPSC interview:

  • Preparation Before the interview, conduct research on your subject.
  • By asking yourself questions, you can practice interviewing. You might benefit more from getting assistance from one of your friends.
  • Success depends on having the best English skills.
  • Prepare to interact with other candidates.
  • Keep in mind your work experience, education, and training.
  • Keep in mind all of the talents, abilities, and skills you have that will help you be an excellent employee.
  • Examine general books, news articles, etc.
  • Gather all of the necessary paperwork.
  • Keep in mind all of your previous interviewing experiences and try to avoid making common mistakes.
  • The creases on all clothing should be neat. Try to wear new clothes.
  • Pristine, polished shoe
  • Hairstyle that is neat and well-groomed.
  • Spotless, managed fingernails.
  • No raucous coins in empty pockets.
  • No gum, sweets or cigarettes.
  • On interview morning, allow additional 30 minutes to your appearance.
  • With friendly speeches, introduce yourself.
  • Respond positively to questions based on negative information.
  • Make eye contact frequently.
  • During the interview, maintain a smile.
  • Try to relax and respond politely.
  • When you don’t know the answer admit.


KPPSC Interview FAQs

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