Saudi Arabia Rejects MS/MD Degrees of Pakistani Doctors

  • 08-Aug-2019

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Master of Surgery, MS and Doctor of Medicine, MD the century-old postgraduate degrees of Pakistani doctors have rejected by Saudi Arabia and some other Arab countries. Highly qualified Pakistani medics have become jobless by this decision. Now, the majority of the medics in Saudi Arabia have told to leave Saudi Arabia or they will be deported from Saudi Arabia.

What Is the Reason Behind This Rejection

The Saudi Ministry of Health is claiming that these old degrees are with lack of structured training program. However, Saudi Arabia does not only involve in this activity. But, after this move of Saudi Arabia some other Arab countries such as Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have also taken the same steps.

Majority of the doctors were hired by a team from the Saudi Ministry of Health in 2016. All these candidates apply through online applications and all they were selected after giving interviews to the ministry of health in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.  

Who Is Responsible For This Loss

From these affected doctors some are rising their voice and they are blaming to the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan (CPSP) for damaging their career.

Asad Noor Mirza, A spokesperson for the Association of University Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan said that it is a setback for a major degree of Pakistan and he also claimed it a disrespect to the highly qualified cream of the nation.  Here we are sharing the experience of one of these affected doctors, Dr. Ali Usman who says, “From the University of Health Sciences he had done a five-year postgraduate degree with training from General Hospital, one of the reputed Government hospitals in Lahore. But, all of sudden his job contract has terminated by the Saudi health ministry which is an immense shock to him and his family.”

However, a committee of senior medical teachers, in order to reforms in the MS/MD qualification to meet with the international standard, would examine these issues. Mr. Agha, one of the members of this committee reveals that the degree is fulfilling all the requirements at an international standard. He also suggests the local health authorities to discuss the matter with health authorities in the Arab countries for the solution of this problem.

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