A Five-Year Revolutionary Education Plan Is Introducing By KPK Government

  • 02-Aug-2019

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In order to revolutionize the current education system in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), the government of KPK is rolling out a five years education plan. This five-year plan is for the coming five years of education or study sessions from 2019 to 2023 and it is organized or announced by The Ministry of Education Department of Primary and Secondary Education.  


What Improvements Will Come To See

This revolutionizes program will bring potential changes and improvements in the education system from which training of teachers, curriculum reforms and the establishment and modifications of schools and teaching staffs are the major ones. Through these modifications and improvements students will get a complete admission guide in order to obtain admission in higher education institutes.     

According to this program, the hiring of 65,000 new teachers will become possible. Out of these 11,000 teachers would be selected for the primary level of education.  

Some Other Revolutionary Actions

This revolutionary programs other than teachers training and other above-mentioned modifications are also doing some revolutionary actions and following are the major ones:

  • The construction of 45 new primary schools will become possible.
  • The conversion of 22 primary schools to middle school will become possible.
  • 26 middle schools to the secondary schools up-gradation will become possible
  • 21 secondary school to the higher secondary school transformation will become possible.

Besides these measures or improvements, another development of textbooks revised addition of some major subjects including Mathematics, English Physics, Chemistry and Biology from 1 to 10 class, such as 5th class textbooks with revised addition and 10th class textbooks with revised addition, will become possible by 2023 according to the modern standard of education.

Moreover, a budget of Rs. 500 million has set by the education department which will use to construct the new schools and shifting of rented buildings of schools into government-owned land.   



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