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Here we have discussed about the scope of BS Education, eligibility criteria, duration, the skills required etc. One thing is for sure BS Education is a worth doing program.

BS education in Pakistan is the most common and evergreen degree. BS education always seek for innovation so that easy learning method can be discovered. Mind building is one the important thing in someone’s life and BS education can make you a professional of such skills. Successful countries focuses on mind building, confidence and ethics from the basic level of child learning. They encourages child questioning so that their confidence level can be increased. Educationist designs plans to improve learning and make it easy for all ages.

If someone loves teaching, BS education is the best suitable degree for him/her. In BS education, they learn how to evaluate and assess education, management skills, classroom ethics, and student’s psychology and observe and improvise the skills of children and adults.

BS Education Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria of BS Education is:

  • Intermediate (12 years of education) with a minimum 45% marks + Interview. FA, FSc, I.Com, ICS, A-Levels or equivalent.

BS Education Duration

BS Education is Four Year Program. There are 8 Semester in 4 year. Each Year is Divided with 2 Semester.

Whenever someone choose a course, they must see if that course is according to their interest or not, if it has good job market or not. Scope of BS education in Pakistan is always evergreen. It has so many job opportunities in different field.

BS Education Scope in Pakistan

Different sector in Pakistan give many jobs opportunities to BS education student. Some common sectors are these:

  • Schools
  • Colleges, Universities
  • Test Center
  • Child Daycare Centers
  • Different Companies
  • Hospitals
  • Private Tutors
  • Special Education Centers

BS Education Skills

To get a job in education field, BS education degree prepares you for that. Following skills are must to get job after education

  • Communication skills is the must
  • Research skills
  • Management skills
  • Team working ability
  • Observing skills
  • Confident
  • Patience
  • Organizing skills

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