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Computer engineering is an emerging field in Pakistan with an increasing number of job opportunities. The rapid increase in the demand for digitalization has opened up the gates for computer engineering jobs with an increase in advancements happening in the field of Artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics, and networking.

To meet the advanced software requirements, the hardware has to be compatible and advanced enough. Moreover, there are many jobs for computer engineers in Businesses revolutionizing their systems with blockchain. These businesses have been investing heavily in research and development and to hire the best computer engineers.

Computer Engineering Jobs In Pakistan

There are many companies, both private and public hiring computer engineers in different sectors all across Pakistan. Following are some of the latest jobs for computer engineers in Pakistan across different sectors.

Web Development

Websites have become an integral part of any business and with the increase in online transactions in businesses, a good and properly working website has become an integral part of every organization. There are many jobs in Pakistan for computer engineers in web development.

A web developer performs the job of creating websites for the internet. Websites can be as simple as a one-pager and as complex as several pages. Moreover, web developers not just create websites but other web applications such as social networking services, e-business, and other complex developments. Following are some of the companies in Pakistan offering jobs to Computer Engineers in web development:

  • Airlift Technologies
  • 7Vals, Lahore
  • Afinity, Lahore
  • Keep Truckin
  • Byte
  • 10Pearls
  • Systems Limited
  • Careem
  • CureMD
  • Contour Software
  • Soft Solutions, Lahore


Robotics is the design, operation, and use of robots to assist humans in their work. Different robotics companies in Pakistan originated in developed countries and have now started their functions here due to increased awareness and the need for robotics.

There are many jobs for computer engineers in different robotics’ companies where they can work along with other professionals to design, program, and control robots. Following are some of the robotics’ companies in Pakistan where computer engineers can find jobs:

  • Sky Tether, Islamabad
  • Algo Republic, Lahore
  • Cloud Primero, Karachi
  • Ciphers Lab, Karachi
  • AppRocket, Lahore

Government IT Departments

In Pakistan, many people are in search of Government jobs due to the facilities and benefits offered to the government employees. There are jobs for computer engineers In Pakistan across different Government IT institutes, some of which are as follows:

  • National Information Technology Board.
  • Ignite National Technology Fund.
  • Pakistan Software Export Board.
  • National Telecommunication Corporation.
  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.
  • Special Communications Organization.
  • Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited.

Research Institutes

Like any other field, computer engineering offers a great opportunity for graduates to enter the research field as there are never-ending inventions that can be made in this advanced field of study. IT Research centers have great opportunities and facilities for aspiring researchers to join other professionals and conduct research in this futuristic area. Following are some of the research centers where computer engineers can find their future:

  • Communication Networks Research Center (CNRC), COMSATS University Lahore
  • Al-Khwarizmi Institute of Computer Science, UET, Lahore
  • Technology and Research in emerging networks and distribution systems, ITU, Lahore

Telecom Industry

Telecommunication has become an important tool not just for businesses but for common people as well for the communication and deliverance of services and messages. There are many telecommunication companies offering jobs for computer engineers in Pakistan such as:

  • Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, PTA
  • Brain Telecommunications
  • Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Telenor

Computer Engineering Salary in Pakistan

Computer engineers make a variety of salaries. This is dependent on several factors. First and foremost, the university from where they graduated. The second factor to consider is their degree of knowledge. Last but not the least, it is important to consider their skill set and whether or not they have the required skills for the job.

Most companies take assessments before hiring computer engineering to get to know how the candidate will perform in the field. The compensation is determined by the scores and final interviews. The salary for a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in Pakistan is around PKR. 35000 to PKR. 70,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

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