Fee Structure for BS Computer Engineering

You will get the information regarding the BS Computer Engineering fee structure, semester fees, tuition fees, admission process fees, registration fees of different universities, related FAQs are given on this page.

Students who want to take admission to their desired universities should know about the fee structures of universities before applying for admission. Each university in Pakistan has a different fee structure for BS Computer engineering.

BSCE Fee Structure Importance

The fee structure enables students to have a clear idea of the expenses and costs of the specific academic program. Many Students apply to universities after taking the information of their fee structure. The details of the fee structure help the students in admission. Students take information regarding each semester fee, tuition fees, registration fees, total fees, and miscellaneous fees by the fee structure for BS computer engineering in any specific university.

National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) BSCE Fee Structure 2024

NUST is one of the best universities for BS computer engineering degree. This university has a high ranking among other engineering universities. NUST is semi Government University so it is not much expensive as compared to other private universities. NUST don’t accept late fee and it has separate dues for laboratories and libraries. The fee structure for International structure is different from the Pakistani nationality students.

Fee Structure for National Students (In PKR):

Details For All Engineering Programs (Fee PKR)
Admission Processing Fee (Non Refundable) 35,000/-
Security Deposit (Refundable) 10,000/-
Tuition Fee (per semester) 108,000/-
Miscellaneous Charges (per semester) 2700/-

International Students (In USD):

Details For All Engineering Programs (Fee USD)
Admission Processing Fee (Non Refundable) USD 600/-
Tuition Fee (per annum) USD 5100/-
Security Deposit (Refundable) USD 250/-
Health facilities (per annum) USD 120/-

BS Computer Engineering Fee Structure 2024 of Islamia University of Bahawalpur (IUB)

IUB offers BS Computer engineering program and select the candidates on merit basis. It is the government university that provides the standard education in theoretical and practical sense. It was established in 1925 as Jamia Abbasia. Students need to understand the educational fee requirements before applying for the admission in this university.

Tuition Fee Other Dues Total Fee
(1st Sem)
Total Fee
(2nd & Other)
B.Sc. Computer Systems
Engineering (Mor)
13000/- 21,150/- 34,150/- 29,550/-

Fee Structure 2024 of Air University (AU) for BS Computer Engineering

Air University was established in 2002 and candidates who are interested in high quality education in aerospace and aviation can apply for the admission. Interested students in BS computer engineering should know the monthly expenses that they have to bear by going through all the details of Air University fee structure in BS computer engineering program.

Program(s) Total
Credit Hours
Tution Fee
Cr. Hr.) (Rs.)
Total Tuition Fee
of Degree
Program (Rs.)
Hours 1st
Tution Fee
as Per Cr.
Hr. for 1st Semester(Rs.)

BE Computer Engineering
136 4,961/- 6,74,696/- 18 89,298/-

BS Computer Engineering from Bahria University Islamabad (BUI) Fee Structure 2024

This university was established in 2002 as a public sector university. The university has a solid infrastructure and it has highly experienced and quality faculty members for the students. It reserve the authenticity to change fee structure of any program any time.

Description BCE
4.0 years
Credit Hours 18
Rate Per Credit Hours Tuition Fee 5,250/-
Tuition Fee per Semester 94,500/-
Admission Fee (One Time) 25,000/-
Caution Money (Refundable) 10,000/-
Misc. Charges 5,000/-
Total 1,51,600/-

COMSATS University Islambad (CUI) Fee Structure 2024 for BSCE

COMSATS University offers BS computer engineering program of 4 years. It is a Semi Government university and not much expensive. The library and lab dues are separate than the tuition fees. This university provide the best guideline of fee structure for students to plan the semester expenses for the Bs computer engineering program.

Islamabad Abbottabad Wah Lahore Attock Sahiwal Vehari
Available Available Not Available Available Available Not Available Not Available
Details Fee(Rs.)
One-time Charges 1st Semester
Admission Fee 22,000/-
(a) Total One Time Charges 22,000/-
Registration Fee 5,500/-
Examination Fee 4000/-
Tuition Fee 85,000/-
b) Total 1st Semester Charges 94,500/-
Grand Total (a + b) 1,16,500/-

BS Computer Engineering from The National University of Technology (NUTECH) Fee Structure 2024

It is a public university and established in 2018 in Islamabad. The fee of each program is different in this university. Bs computer engineering has not much expense fee structure. It has tuition fee, registration fee, and semester fees. The fee for first semester is more as compared to the rest of the 7 semesters.

Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering (BS CEN)

One Time Fee

Sr. No. Category For BS Engineering Programs
1 Appl Processing Fee 2,000/-
2 Admission Fee 12,000/-
3 Security Refundable 5,000/-
4 Development Fund 10,000/-
5 Magazine Charges 500/-
Total 29,500/-

Semester Fee

Sr. No. Category For BS Engineering ProgramsUG BS
1 Tuition Fee 50,000/-
2 Lab Charges 6,000/-
3 R & D Fee 6,000/-
4 Library Charges 3,000/-
5 Misc/Industrial Charges 5,000/-
Total 70,000/-

Fee Structure 2024 of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology Karachi (DUET) for BS Computer Engineering

This university invest in the human capital for the accelerated advancement in the engineering practices and knowledge. This university was founded in 2013 and it offers 4 years program in bs computer engineering.

Fee for Local Students (Payable at the Time of Admission Only) (All Schemes & Categories):

Details Fee(Rs.)
Local Students Fee(Rs.)
Admission Fee (Once) 10,000/-
Enrolment Fees (Once) 3,000/-
Documents Verification Fees (Once) 2,500/-
Identity Card Fees (Once) 500/-
Total 16,000/-

Semester Fee for Local Students

Details Fee(Rs.)/(Per Semester) 
Tuition Fees 7,000/-
Games Fees 1,000/-
Developmental Charges 2,000/-
Transport Fees 2,000/-
Examination Fees 2,000/-
Laboratory / Studio Fees 1,000/-
Library Membership Fees 1,000/-
Total 16,000/-

Information Technology University (ITU) BSCE Fee Structure 2024

It is a public university which was founded in 2012. It is the internationally recognized university in research and it focus on developing the society by excellence in the research, entrepreneurship and education. It produce the creative students having strong expertise for tackling the technological challenges in computing industries. 

Details Fee(Rs.)
Program Duration 8 semesters (4 years)
Tuition Fee per Credit Hour Rs. 5,500/-
Total No. of Credit Hours 133 – 138
Minimum Course Load (15 credit hours) Rs. 82,500/-
University Charges Per Semester Rs. 24,000/-

Note: If the fee exceeds Rs. 200,000 per annum, 5% Income Tax will be added u/s 236I of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.

BS Computer Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar Fee Structure 2024

UET is one of the best engineering universities in Pakistan. It provides the students with the flexible fee structure of every degree. BS computer engineering fee structure have the option of online fee payment or fee installment for the bright students of UET.

Fee Structure for Admission against open merit seats, (Engineering Programs)

Details Fee(PKR)
Fee at the of Admission
(1st & 2nd Semester only)
1st Semester at the time of Admission 82,000/-
2nd Semester 25,000/-
3rd Semester 84,300/-
4th Semester 25,000/-
5th Semester 78,900/-
6th Semester 25,000/-
7th Semester 90,200/-
8th Semester 25,000/-
Total (PKR) 4,35,400/-

Non-Subsidized Fee Structure

Details Fee(PKR)

Fee at the of Admission

(1st & 2nd Semester only)

3rd Semester 1,41,950/-
4th Semester 87,500/-
5th Semester 1,47,395/-
6th Semester 87,500/-
7th Semester 63,367/-
8th Semester 87,500/-
Total(PKR) 9,65,656/-

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