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While the curriculum of any degree program is important in determining the amount of intelligence that graduates will have, books are also an important element of it. The curriculum should be intended to be current and comprehensive, covering all aspects of the discipline.

Although the field of computer engineering is relatively new, there are still many books in computer engineering written by some of the most intelligent authors of the field that open up their knowledge and interests in their writings.

BS Computer Engineering Books

The teachers of all the universities follow an extensive curriculum designed by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and Higher Education Commission (HEC) and the books that have been carefully selected to be recommended and taught to the students. Following is a list of books in Computer engineering for its core subjects:

Operating Systems Books

An Operating system, such as a CPU, comprises of the programs that manage the resources of a computer, and the course in OS deals with the study of these programs as well as the allocation of resources among these programs. Following is a list of books in BSCE on Operating systems:

Algorithm Design And Analysis

There are a series of steps that must be followed while solving any computer-related problem. An algorithm is a collection of instructions that allows an engineer to solve a problem. This subject is about the algorithm's design and implementation in order to test its practicality. Following is a list of some books in BSCE on Algorithm Design and Analysis:

Programming Languages Books

Learning basic programming languages is a fundamental part of becoming a computer engineer. In this course, students are taught various procedural as well as object-oriented programming languages and their practical implications.  Following is a list of books in BSCE on this subject:

Microprocessor Books

All the functions of a Central Processing Unit or CPU of a computer are stored within an integrated circuit known as the microprocessor of the computer. Thus, a microprocessor is an integral part of any computer, and studying microprocessor, microcontrollers, its assembly, types, programming language to debug the software development program are all important to form the basis of computer engineering. All this is dealt with in the subject of Microprocessors at the Bachelor’s level. Following are some books in BSCE on Microprocessors:

Computer Software

Although the computer engineers deal more with the hardware but knowing about the software, its design, testing, maintenance, and implementation is also necessary to study for them as there is no need for well-designed hardware if there is no software to run it. Thus, it can be said simply that it is important to make hardware compatible with the software which computer engineers learn in this subject. Following are some books on computer software in BSCE:

Database Management System

Any firm with a huge volume of data nowadays needs database management to govern and manage its critical data and information. The topic covers the many forms of database administration, database management systems, and the database management life-cycle, all of which are essential for every organization. Following are some books in BSCE on database management:

Data Communications

The process of exchange of information is known as communication and the exchange of data containing information is called data communication. When this exchange of communication happens through a transmission medium, it is called data networking. This subject is important for today’s world where the exchange of data holds immense importance. Following are some books in BSCE on Data communications:

Computer Organization

This subject deals with the organization and assembly of computer systems, their structure, behavior, and performance evaluation of hardware structure of computer by keeping in view the software performance. This subject is of most importance to computer engineers as their key role is to work on the design, architecture, and performance evaluation of the computer hardware. Following is a list of books in BSCE on Computer organization:

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