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BS Chemical engineering provides an overview of the principles, applications, and concepts of chemical engineering. It also explains distinct knowledge that gave rise to the general-purpose broadest and technology. BS chemical engineering universities offer 4 years Bachelor’s program. The universities cover the development, control, and design of products and processes which involve a molecular change in both biological and chemical processes. Students don’t need to worry, they can take the information of the best universities for chemical engineering in Pakistan here.

Universities for Chemical Engineering Table of Content

Objectives of BS Chemical Engineering Universities in Pakistan

BS chemical engineering program is in high demand in Pakistan. Many engineering universities have started their new chemical engineering departments because of the increasing scope of chemical engineering programs in Pakistan. BS Chemical Engineering Universities in Pakistan offer higher chemical education by providing the best learning environment where students receive excellent teaching and mentoring combined with opportunities for industry, extracurricular, and research experience.

Top Chemical Engineering Universities in Pakistan

There are several engineering universities in Pakistan that are offering BS Chemical engineering. Top universities produce professionals with the required technical and engineering knowledge to be able to adapt to the industrial progression in the chemical engineering field. BS Chemical engineering universities help students in building their strong and successful careers in this field. The list of chemical engineering universities is given below:

  • NED University Of Engineering and Technology (NEDUET)
  • COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)
  • University Of Engineering & Technology Lahore (UET)
  • National University Of Sciences & Technology (NUST)
  • Pakistan Institute Of Engineering & Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
  • University Of Punjab (PU)
  • Mehran University Of Engineering & Technology (MUET)
  • Minhaj University Lahore (MUL)
  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute Of Engineering Science & Technology (GIKI)
  • Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF)

BS Chemical Engineering PIEAS University

This university offers 4 years BS chemical engineering program. PIEAS has a department of chemical engineering that has strong engineers and scientists. The staff members of the university are specialized in several different engineering fields such as chemical, mineral, environmental, and material. The university is active to undertake activities for enhancing the knowledge of its students and society. The chemical engineering department has chemical lab facilities for students. Students can work practically in the laboratories. PIEAS University has mineral processing, chemical, and analytical chemistry laboratories. This university also updates its course data according to the need of industry and government.

BS Chemical Engineering National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)

National University of Sciences and Technology has a school of chemical and materials engineering that offers a BS in chemical engineering. It is one of the best chemical engineering universities in Pakistan. This department offers quality research and education in the chemical engineering field. The university aims to bridge the gap between practical and theory by computer applications and simulation. It trains the students to construct, manage and design process operations. The objectives of the BS chemical engineering department of NUST includes:

  • To provide fundamental skills, knowledge, and experience through imparting higher education.
  • To build a successful career for their students in academic and industrial roles.

BS Chemical Engineering at COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI)

COMSATS has a chemical engineering department that excels in research, public outreach, and teaching. The university makes sure that its students would be trained as independent learners and critical thinkers that would address scientific issues of global significance. The faculty of the university is encouraged for designing research academic programs which are relevant to industrial needs. The mission of the chemical engineering department is:

  • To provide the platform where chemical synthesis, data analysis, scientific rese, and instrument handling are performed ethically and professionally.
  • To produce novel materials for sustainable drug discoveries, environmental applications, and other energy resources.

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore BS Chemical Engineering

UET is one of the best BS chemical engineering universities in Lahore. UET has a BSCE department that has well-maintained and well-equipped laboratories that extend the skills of material analysis and testing of students. The university offers an outstanding chemical engineering program to enable the students to get knowledge of design, operations, and processes and also develop excellent technological, leadership, and technical skills. The BS Chemical Engineering educational objectives are:

  • To prepare students with strong education to apply principles of chemical engineering having excellent skills of communication.
  • To prepare students for changing the technological world with the core knowledge of personal improvement throughout their professional careers.
  • To enable the students to achieve their successful future goals with an understanding of ethical behavior and social responsibility.

BS Chemical Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology (NEDUET)

This university has a department BS chemical engineering which has an excellent record in research and teaching. This university is among the top 10 chemical engineering universities in Pakistan. This university has formed intellectual and professional leaders in the field of chemical engineering. The university has highly qualified faculty that are engaged in different high-value activities regionally and locally. NED University gives a creative learning environment to its students. The department has many laboratories to give higher experience to undergraduates such as heat transfer lab, analytical chemistry, process control, and thermodynamics lab.

University of The Punjab (PU) and BS Chemical Engineering

This university is not just the best in Pakistan but it is the best university in Asia. This university is one of the best chemical engineering universities in Pakistan. The chemical engineering department provides the technical skills in optimization, operations, and synthesis which will equip the students in assuming the leadership position in research, services, and education. The students are expected to meet the chemical engineering education objectives by the education structure of the university:

  • Advance knowledge by professional research, training, and learning outcomes.
  • Apply skills and knowledge to work productively in different chemical industries, chemical marketing, government departments, and research organizations.

BS Chemical Engineering at Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET)

The university has a chemical engineering department.  It provides the best education to the students to design, transform and produce materials. The goal of the university is to provide outstanding education in the chemical engineering field according to international standards and also develop research solutions for the process industry for national development.

The BS Chemical engineering educational objectives of this university are:

  • The graduates will be able to solve issues of society and industry by innovation and maintaining the industrial liaison.
  • The graduates will be eager to update, grow and communicate by professional development.

BS Chemical Engineering at Minhaj University Lahore (MUL)

This university has a chemical engineering department that offers 4 years bachelor’s degree program. It is also one of the best BS chemical engineering universities that have outstanding staff members. This university creates a conducive learning platform for students to get knowledge and skills. This university has a distinctive system of training and education that offers strength. It provides exposure to new critical ideas and ways of learning and thinking. The BS chemical engineering learning outcomes include:

  • An ability to apply skills and knowledge of engineering fundamentals and other specializations for solving complex chemical problems.
  • An ability to demonstrate the skills to manage projects in a multidisciplinary environment.
  • An ability to investigate the chemical problems in a methodical way which includes several designs, methods, and experiments.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science & Technology (GIKI) and BS Chemical Engineering

GIKI University has a department of chemical engineering which allows students to develop professional skills and experience. The BS chemical engineering degree has a diversity that covers major different aspects of chemical engineering such as process dynamics, energy sector, and designing. The chemical engineering students in this university can use techniques, tools, and skills necessary for promoting professionals to solve problems. The major desire of the chemical engineering department is to disseminate and develop an understanding of operations and designing of a chemical process. The department has lab and library facilities for students. The university has highly qualified faculty members which give the best education to students.

BS Chemical Engineering from Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF)

This university has a chemical engineering department which was established in 2016. The university wants to become the hub for the bs chemical engineering program that is known for its diversity, quality, and standards. The chemical engineering department offers academic courses with a technical and solid foundation to prepare the students for professional practice. The university increases the demand for technical professionals in the chemical engineering field. The university prepares its students to translate information into the new products and processes and government and academia in terms of economic, social, and technical issues.

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