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You will find here all the basic information regarding the BS Botany degree. The scope, demand, subjects, purpose, and requirements of the BS Botany program are explained in detail on this page. FAQs will help you in solving your queries.

BS Botany is a four-year degree program offered by several universities and colleges in Pakistan. The purpose of the BS Botany program is to generate competent botany professionals who would be able to meet the challenges of a changing world.

The comprehensive research of plants is covered in the Bachelor of Botany program, which involves plant function, growth, use, and development. Its research focuses on plants, related microbial species, plant environments, and ecosystem relationships.

Botanists are in High Demand in Pakistan 2023

After earning a bachelor's degree in botany, you can pursue a variety of careers that will pay you in the future. In reality, each year in Pakistan, the scope after BS Botany program. New work opportunities are becoming accessible. Botanists are in higher demand than ever before.

Botanists can work in a variety of professions, including Plant Breeder, Mycologist, Agronomist, and many others. Students can choose from a variety of employment paths after completing their BS botany degree, or they can continue their study by pursuing a postgraduate degree in Botany. These are some of the additional career opportunities available to students who have completed Botany.

Following are some of the occupations offered in Pakistan after graduating with a botany degree:

Research Worker :

  • Farming consultant
  • Environmental consultant
  • Biological Technician
  • Molecular Biologist

Forester :

  • Plant Explorer
  • Framing Consultant
  • Botany teacher
  • Plants Biochemist

Senior Researcher :

  • Professors
  • Environment Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Nursery Manager
  • Genetics
  • Research Worker
  • Plants Biochemist
  • Environmental Consultant

Being a BS Botany Graduated 

After graduation, Botanists can earn up to 36,000 per month. Students of BS Botany are determined by several elements, including the student's degree, knowledge, location, training, talents, and the organization to which they have applied.

Purpose of BS Botany

Botanist’s students investigate how plants create food and how to boost yields, perhaps through plant breeding, which is critical to humanity's ability to feed the planet and provide agricultural production for future generations. Students who are interested in this field, encourage themselves to be a part of this field.

Any candidate who has completed high school or 10 plus 2 years with biology, chemistry, or physics as key subjects is qualified to enroll in a Bachelor's degree program in botany. A minimum percentage of 55 to 60 is required for entry to good universities.

Requirements to Enroll in BS Botany

Here are the requirements to enroll in the BS Botany program.

  • The student should possess an intermediate level of science knowledge (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology).
  • Students can also register in BS Botany if they have a degree in biology with a major in biology.

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