Why cream of Pakistan changes into dirt of Pakistan?

I was going from Peshawar to Kohat. I wanted to use taxi to go from Peshawar University to Kohat adda. The taxi driver was a young boy of probably 18 or 19, wearing white shalwar qameez, a descent black colour coat and black shoes, well pressed clothes, taxi key in his right hand with left hand in the pocket of his coat, standing in front of his taxi. No one could ever think of him as a taxi driver. However, I hired the taxi and sat in it. Clean shaved face of that young 18 years taxi driver turned red when he had a glance on the books in my hand.

After a while i asked him, “Your physical appearance does not match the taxi driver, you just look like a well-educated boy then why is it so that you are a taxi driver? And why your face turned red when you had a glance on my books? There must be some reasonable story behind this, so can you share that with me if you don’t mind? He answered, “I was very much fond of books and study, I was crazy of learning everything, this was the reason because of which i always used to stand 1st in the class. I stood 1st continuously for 10 years from nursery to 8th class. I was born to a poor family, my father had died when i was of 2 years, then my mother used to work in the homes of neighbors, washing their clothes, dishes, rooms and much more so that i get admission in school and keep my studies continued. I am the only son of my mother, she loved me a lot, faced every kind of hardships for my better future. There was always a smile on her face so that i am not depressed. Then there was a board exam of 9th class. I took 1st two papers and performed best in that. Before the start of my third paper, condition of my mother was worst, she was out of senses for half an hour. I immediately took her to the hospital, the doctor told that she had been a patient of heart for the last many years, and now she is completely out of cure. These words of doctor also made me unconscious. When i got back to my senses my mother told me to take the paper.

I had not done any sort of preparation for this 3rd paper because of this incident. I told my mother not to take the paper, I can’t leave you alone at this stage, and I have no one else except you in this world. But my mother forced me to take the paper. I was going to the examination hall without preparation, weeping continuously on the way to examination hall, I reached their 1 hour late, I told the whole story to the superintendent and requested him to allow me to take paper but he refused and said it’s against the rules. Principal of my school also did not support me in this regard. I thought just to hell with the exam and go to your mother, but my friend! What do i see when i reach back to hospital? I see that my mother had been passed away, she had left me forever, and she made me a complete orphan.... From that very day I hate books, I hate study, I hate education, and then I refused to get further education. And started working with my master who made me learn to drive taxi and now i drive his taxi to earn and so far as my well-dressed personality is concerned so that is because of my master, he told me to continue studies but as i told you earlier that when i was not allowed to take the paper after lot of requests, I started hating education and this is the reason which turned my face red when i had a glance on your books.”

\So dear Readers! Tell me who is responsible for this incident? A well groomed, talented student who always used to stand first in the class was not allowed to take exam, which converted a cream of Pakistan into dirt?

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